LibEffects 1.0

Jun 13, 2013 Xocide Alpha
LibEffects is a small library to handle effects such as screen shaking, screen flashing and adding sounds to be played. The API documentation can be found on the API page.


Sep 10, 2012 Xocide Inactive
LockDots displays a window on the screen that shows the remaining time on the dots up on the targeted enemy. v1.0 LockDots v1.0 now finally available! Configuration To configure LockDots, go to the Game / Esc key menu, click Interface and select the Addons tab, LockDots should appear in the list. Features Options to select what DoTs to track. Customizable bars. Lock window in place. Who? Tremendous/Epicis of Lightbringer [US]


Apr 06, 2012 Xocide Planning
LibProcs uses the same database as the Proculas addon. It contains procs for all classes and items.