Oct 17, 2013 VoyseyS Inactive
SC_ChaChing Author: Shaun Voysey Based on: SC_ChaChing by Karin of the Sleeper Cartel - Perenolde server Version: 5.4.1 Modified On: 6th October, 2013 Notes: The Author has been changed because this is So significantly different to the 'Sleeper Cartel' Version, that the only original things are 2 function names, the ChaChing Sound file, and the layout of this readme. :) ------------ INTRODUCTION ------------ Plays an old-style cash register cha-ching sound, every time an auction of yours...


Oct 17, 2013 kcupit Inactive
This addon runs quietly and invisibly. It simply places your tradeskill information into your Public Note so that your guild members can see who in the guild is at what level when viewing the in-game guild roster. Public notes will look something like this: Enchant 327/Mining 364 You can now enter what you want to see in the Public Note. These are stored for Realm wide access and entered through the Addon panels. This addon also works great with RedBanker...