Guild Tithe 2.5 Config Screen

Guild Tithe

Oct 17, 2014 Vandesdelca32 Release
Summary Guild Tithe enables and automates voluntary contributions of money to your guild bank. With it, you can easily set aside a percentage of your income, and then deposit it automatically into your guild bank whenever you visit it. All options can be individually configured. Guild Tithe was originally based on the Guild Tax, Tithe and Donation Helper written by walking_fishy. Looking to localize this addon in your language? Help me out and send Vandesdelca32 a PM on Curse or Curseforge,...

Guild Roster Search

Nov 28, 2012 Vandesdelca32 Inactive
Getting sick and tired of looking through your gigantic guild roster, and not finding the person you're looking for? This addon makes it easy for you to find that player, just type in their name into the search box in the guild roster, and away you go! There's no special commands you have to use, there's no forcing it to go away because it's annoying... Just like bag search, It's just there, minding it's own business until you use it. Planned features Searching partial names Searching Officer...