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Oct 18, 2013 UltiByte Beta
UltiMarket UltiMarket is a global Item market/shop plugin which automatically determines item prices based on supply and demand! UltiMarket acts as a globally accessible self-adjusting item shop on your server from which players can buy or sell almost any in-game item using in-game currency from any economy plugin! As items are bought, their prices increase incrementally. As items are sold, their prices decrease incrementally. This means that over time, the prices of items on your server will...


Sep 27, 2013 woutwoot Release
ItemFrameShops by woutwoot Sell items & blocks to your server members from Item Frames! Features Create a large amount of shops very quickly. The config contains default prices for all items and blocks, so you don't have to type out the price every time! (But you can edit the price in-game or in-config if you wish). Very easy to use. Beautifully presented - Item Frames. I know this isn't a feature, but you need Vault AutoUpdate Feature. ONLY ADMINS CAN CREATE SHOPS. (For now...) Example...


Sep 14, 2013 woutwoot Release
NoobResponse - Automatic Reply with Message and/or Actions! This is THE plugin that will save you 1000 keystrokes a day! I made this plugin because I myself am a server owner, and the innumerable amount of noob questions I was asked day after day was becoming simply intolerable... "How do I change my skin?", "Can I be an op?", etc. And that's why I created this plugin, it's an automatic responder/chatbot/messager which will respond/reply to chat messages. You can set up triggers the plugin...


Sep 02, 2013 SpiFioY Release
GetInventory v1.5.1 - Real time inventory editor! Features View someone's inventory in real time (online only) View someone's Ender Chest in real time (online only) Add/Remove items from their inventory in real time (Now with target mode!) An easy way to look for illegal items Working with all Permissions plugins Target Mode - allows you to open inventories by right-clicking a person with a wand (configurable) Commands and Permissions /getinv help (/gi ?) - Shows the plugin commands /getinv...


Sep 02, 2013 SpiFioY Release
GetID v1.3 - What's the ID of that block? GetID allows your to get the code name and ID of a specific block/item your are pointing or the item in your hands. Features Get the code name and the ID of an item You can use it on a item in your hands You can use it on a block up to 500 blocks away from you Permissions and OP support Use blaze_rod as a wand (default) You can change that from the config file Faster than browsing the internet for id lists Commands and Permissions /getid help (?) -...


Apr 06, 2013 UltiByte Beta
SwearReplacer! AUTOMATICALLY Replace swear words in chat with other words of your choice! (Imagine the following, but without the * s) Player types: "F* you." Plugin changes message to: "[Whatever you've told it to replace "f*" with] you." Are you like me, in that you see people who constantly swear as utterly delinquent or juvenile? Well this plugin is for you! You can make them seem like complete fools by replacing their cusses with ridiculous other statements or words! xD One of the...

Tree Destroyer

Dec 25, 2012 CeramicTitan Beta
Tree Destroyer- Destroy trees with ease! Current Version : v6.4 Description Tree Destroyer is a Bukkit plugin which lets you destroy all the logs of a tree in a matter of seconds by only breaking one log. Media Special Thanks to UltiByte for demonstrating my plugin! :P Commands /destroy - Activates tree destroying mode. /treeinfo - Shows plugin information. /treereload - Reloads config.yml. /update - Downloads the latest update on BukkitDev. Permissions treedestroyer.destroy - Access to...
Random Trees Display Image!

Random Trees

Aug 07, 2012 asc_dreanor Inactive
Random Trees! - What could possibly sprout next?! Demonstration Video Video from Normal Trees? Bah! Lets have Random Trees! Random Trees makes every new tree you plant and grow, have a RANDOM BLOCK TYPE AS ITS LEAVES! This could be absolutely anything from Cobweb, to Diamond Blocks, to TNT, to Lava, to Glowstone, to Enchantment Tables, to Glass... the list goes on! What could possibly sprout next?! This plugin is a lot of fun, as players can have anticipation of what block could possibly...
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