Spellflash: DeathKnight

Jan 07, 2011 Toriad Inactive
Spellflash: Deathknight This Addon requires SpellFlash to operate. Blood - Not Currently In Development Frost 2-Handed - Not Currently In Development Frost Dual Wield - Currently In Development Undead - Not Currently In Development If you find any problems with the add-on please let me know ASAP and I will get it fixed!


Dec 21, 2010 Toriad Planning
Complete UI Replacement for Blizzards standard, it is designed to have a default settings for UnitFrames, Skill Bars, but also allow for many popular addons to be plugged in without much issue. The primary goal is to make interfaces portable from place to place, where when the addon detects the use of another, it knows where to place it. So that any character could give another character This addon and a list of addons to use and it would look the exact same.