Concrete Block Structure

Concrete Stone

Mar 02, 2014 TheChunkWorld Release
I've been working on this mod for a while now, trying out various texture designs, taking photos etc... and finally got a final design and put it together as a mod. Originally, I was going to release this as a pack of lots of mods together, all to do with concrete and building materials, but I decided against doing that as some people want specific blocks, rather than a bunch, so I'd rather cater to the greater-good compared to the minority. This mod is basically a concrete block, but with a...
Mine Ol' Love - Amanda Version

Mine Ol' Love - Amanda Version

Mar 01, 2014 TheChunkWorld Release
Mine Ol' Love is a tree of Minecraft modifications that will add different 'lovers' into the game. You're currently looking at Mine Ol' Love: Amanda. This version adds: -Amanda (in-game character, acts like a Villager) -Amanda's Head block -Love heart -Amanda Spawn Egg -'Be loved by Amanda' Achievement Screenshots: Amanda character: Amanda Head block:
Laminated Wood Flooring Screenshot

Laminated Wood

Oct 05, 2013 TheChunkWorld Release
Laminated wood is a common material used for flooring in more modern homes. Minecraft at its core lacks laminated wood, unfortunately. But don't be worried, this mod is here to provide you with laminated wood! It is high quality, running at 256x256 Crafting recipe: Need support with this modification? Click here to visit our support site
White Tiles V1.1 Texture Update

Tiles Mod

Sep 14, 2013 TheChunkWorld Release
The Tiles Mod adds several new tile decoration blocks. Once the mod is installed, you can either craft them (crafting recipes below) or you can access them via the Creative inventory, under the Blocks tab at the bottom. The tiles are mainly used for decoration, but I'm sure you creators out there can find various uses for these tiles. Look at the Crafting Recipe list below for a full-range of available tiles This modification requires Forge to work Screenshots: Tiles: Checkered Tiles:...

Gravel Biome

Sep 11, 2013 TheChunkWorld Release
This modification adds back the much-loved Gravel Biome that was removed in previous Minecraft versions. Screenshots: The mod also changes the leaf colour to a dull-grey, as soon in the above screenshot. Need support with this modification? Click here to visit our support site

kevinkool Mob

Sep 10, 2013 TheChunkWorld Release
kevinkool is a well-known admin on the Hypixel server ( so I took it upon myself to recreate some of his known characteristics into Minecraft, and this is the result of that work. Firstly, this mod requires Forge (the latest forge for the specified Minecraft version). Please search Google for how to install mods on 1.6.2 Let's start off with some images: As you can see, kevinkool is an aggressive mob and WILL attack you. He takes on the same characteristics as a zombie, except,...

Paintball Gun

Sep 08, 2013 TheChunkWorld Release
Paintballing is a fun-sport amongst many people, known for its dangerousness, yet thrilling endeavours, this mod aims to bring paintballing to Minecraft. It is still a work in progress, and at the moment the paintball gun only shoots custom-arrows (different damage and power) but we plan to make it shoot different dyes. A good thing about the paintball gun is that it gives Lapis another use, as seen in the crafting recipe for the gun below: Need support with this modification? Click here to...