Fishing Buddy

May 23, 2015 Sutorix Release
Fishing Buddy ------------- A fishing addon that keeps track of the fish you catch and helps manage your fishing gear. Features: - Double-click fishing - Supports the new WoW "fish without a pole" feature - Bring out your fishing pets! Drink heavily! - 'Fish Watcher' lets you see the fish you've caught here before (or the fish that you've caught in the current session) - Display your current skill level and the time since you started fishing - Choose your fishing outfit and change into it...

Fishing Buddy -- Outfit Display

Feb 24, 2015 Sutorix Release
A Fishing Buddy plugin that can manage your fishing gear (and tell you how stylish you are).

Fishing Buddy -- Tracking

Feb 24, 2015 Sutorix Release
There are fish in World of Warcraft that can only be caught at certain times or in certain seasons. This plugin tracks when you catch Sunscale Salmon, Nightfin Snapper, Summer Bass and Winter Squid by default.


Dec 16, 2014 Sutorix Release
Simple right click casting. Double right-click to cast while a fishing pole is equipped. Options included to enhance the various telltale signs that you've caught a fish (upping the volume, enhance the pool "sparklies") and automatically applying a lure to your pole. Double click casting can result in lost catches in rare situations where the loot window and casting overlap. I haven't figured out if this is due to a slow computer or a slow connection, nor have I found a way around it yet....