Sep 26, 2012 Smuggles Release
Is AddonLoader compatible - loaded delayed Lets you enable disable addons in game without logging out. Lets you quick reload the UI. You are able to save addon sets that you can easily reload at any time. You can hide certain addons for certain characters. Different sorting options for addons (atm only grouping by Name possible) All modifier clicking options and possibilities are shown in the Hint tooltip. Grouping Options : (atm only 1 avail) There are a few hardcoded groups that group...


Dec 07, 2012 Smuggles Inactive
I love Bagnon because it is nice and small and has all the functionality i need. Except 2 things actually. A saved Guild Bank feature ... which i implemented now. (with restrictions) An account wide search function, so i dont have to scroll through all the bags if i want to find the item i need I spoke with Tuller and he said that an account wide function is not on his list of plans and he said its ok if i program a little addon that does the trick. The Guild Bank function was considered but...