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May 07, 2013 Smiley43210 Release
Plugin priority: Low Updated for 1.5.1-R0.2! Ever had to get permission nodes for plugins on your server, but found that you either had to look for it on their website or individually look in plugin.yml? Or maybe you found a list of nodes, but it had the description next to it so you couldn't just copy and paste them all at one time? Well, this plugin is for you! GetPerms is a plugin that will pull permission nodes from each plugin on your server! This plugin will output them in two files: A...


Jun 23, 2012 Smiley43210 Inactive
Plugin priority: [font color="yellow"]Medium[/font] Progress: 75% complete Run an offline server*? Having problems with conflicting names? Or maybe you cannot use a command on a player just because they have a space in their name? This plugin is for you! It's possible to put a name in a ban list, for example, "Player", since that is the name given to people playing in Offline Mode, but they will have no idea why they are banned. This plugin will tell them why! Features: Kick for name "Player"...


Apr 11, 2012 Smiley43210 Inactive
Plugin priority: Inactive I've taken another break from coding in Java to do other leisurely things. Paused Progress: 0% <------ I've scrapped what I had and restarted. Time until release: Indefinite (not infinite, indefinite) It might as well be infinite :/ Looking for developers! Pm Smiley43210 if you are interested! It's here (well, almost far from release)! A plugin that can help you manage player created hotels! Everything from checking in and out, to restaurants, and even room access!...
  • 3 bukkit plugins found