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The Hunter Games (Infection)

Sep 30, 2013 SideEffectxDev Release
Thank you for over 2 thousand downloads! What Is the Hunter Games? Just as a quick side note, this is not related to the Hunger Games. I named it this, because the zombies are "Hunters". When the game starts, they try to "hunt" down the humans. Servers like McInfected or McWar are both fully automated with infected, and include all players on the server, just like this plugin. How to Play Basically, there are two teams. One team is the humans, and the other team the zombies. When the game...


Jul 28, 2013 SideEffectxDev Release
Set your Message of the Day in-game without reloading or stopping your server! Features Edit your server motd in-game by typing /motd set <Message of the Day> Show your current server motd Edit your motd in the config Reload the config without reloading the server Supports color cods using the character & (Replaces with the symbol §) Commands /motd set <Message of the Day> - Set the Message of the Day /motd show - View the message of the day /motd reload - Reload the config /motd help - Shows...


Jul 09, 2013 SideEffectxDev Inactive
Missiles! Description A very simple plugin, that allows you to fire "missiles" where you are pointing, by right clicking an item defined in the config. Missiles create an explosion where the nearest block where you are pointing at, with a stream of smoke. In the config, you can change the size of the explosion, and whether or not the explosion breaks the blocks it hits. The default item is a stick, but you can change it in the config, by changing the number 280 (The item id of a stick) to...
  • 3 bukkit plugins found