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Sep 15, 2012 dhedbor Release
Addon Support Statement Hello everyone. I'm no longer actively playing World of Warcraft (and haven't for many months). I'm looking for someone to take over maintenance of my addons. If you're interested, and have at least one released addon, send me a message at Addon Description Magic Marker lets you easily classify and mark mobs simply by moving the mouse over them while pressing a modifier key. This allows incredibly fast marking of trash groups. Although not...

Nerien's Ovale Scripts

Apr 13, 2014 jlam Inactive
This addon is now obsolete. Install Ovale 5.4.9 or later. Nerien's Ovale Scripts is a script collection for Ovale Spell Priority. The user can choose a script for the current class from amongst a collection of scripts contributed by other users. These scripts are meant to be used in live raiding scenarios where the player must make the important choices in the rotation. Each script creates at least two primary icons: Main Rotation Icon: shows how to maximize DPS without the use of any...