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Aug 29, 2012 starlon Inactive
This project is being retired in favor of its successor, StarTip2. This new addon is still in beta, but it already fixes bugs that existed in StarTip the original. - - StarTip - Tooltips from OuterSpace Credits: Huge appreciation goes out to ckknight for a ton of code. If you know CowTip, StarTip is similar. Props to Shefki for LuaTexts. And many tributes go out to the many library authors whom have written the numerous libraries StarTip's script...


Aug 29, 2012 Shefki Inactive
Makes keyboard bindings for moving the camera


Oct 26, 2010 Shefki Inactive
Provide raiding warnings to announce the count of the Swarm Scarabs spawned during the P2 of the Anub'arak encounter in ToC. The purpose of this to take the guesswork out of The Traitor King achievement. Note that there is no event when the scarabs actually spawn. So the adds must do something or have something done to them to be detected. This of course can be as simple as walking over ice. As a result the count will lag behind slightly, but in no case should it over report the number of...


Oct 14, 2008 Shefki Inactive
SunwellAlarm is built in the spirit of SolarianAlarm. It does 3 things. 1) Turns the screen blue for a few seconds if you are burned on Brutallus so you know to move. 2) Turns the screen blue for a few seconds if you are targeted with a beam on Felmyst so you immediately realize it's you that is targeted. 3) Turns the screen blue if you are targeted for a Conflagrate on the Twins. The addon is written so it should work for any language of WoW however the text output in the chat box is only...