Titan Panel [Itemized Deductions]

Oct 29, 2013 yunohu Release
Titan Panel- Itemized Deductions * Installation Note: Please delete your TPID directory before installing v2.9 or above Info ---- Originally this mod was written by Tekkub and fixed by shadoweos(AKA Blueleaf) to work with patch 1.10+. It was rewritten for patch 2.0 and BC by Rowaasr13. Yunohu has been the primary maintainer since October 2008, and has completely removed the dependency on the old Itemized Deductions module among other fixes. I myself hate the "I can't carry any more" message,...

Blue's LevelUp

Oct 22, 2010 Shadoweos Inactive
This is a very simple Time saving chat MOD for those of us who hate to type. BLU is designed for one purpose. To let your Guild mates know when you have leveled. When you gain a level the following line of text will be sent in guild chat. Message Format: [Guild]: [Player Name] Has gained a level and is now a level {} {Class} Example: [Blueleaf] Has gained a level and is now a level 3 Hunter Slash Commands: If you wish to test BLU after installation use the following slash command /levelup