Dec 09, 2015 Resike Release
Allows to listen every collectable music on your garrison's jukebox without collecting the tunes. Currently added tunes: A Siege of Worlds Stormwind Ironforge Night Song Gnomeregan Tinkertown Exodar Curse of the Worgen Ghosts Mountains Magic The Black Temple Karazhan Opera House The Argent Tournament Lament of the Highborne Faerie Dragon Totems of the Grizzlemaw Mountains of Thunder Shaladis Isle Way of the Monk Song of Liu Lang Looking for translators for multiple languages:...


Jun 24, 2015 Elsia Release
LibBossIDs-1.0 provides a table that flags mobIDs true if the mob linked to the ID is a boss. Example: if LibStub("LibBossIDs-1.0").BossIDs[tonumber(mobID)] then print("Found a boss!") end One can get the mobID from a GUID in the following way: local _, _, _, _, _, mobID = strsplit("-", UnitGUID("target")) Target macro: /run print(tonumber((select(6, strsplit("-", UnitGUID("target"))))))