4.1 beta 2

Masque: Renaitre

May 11, 2014 Renaitre Inactive
Some shaded skins I created for various UIs. Each skin except for Fade and Fade Circle have a Light version. Circle Circle Pro Rounded Beveled Square Square Thin Thinnerest Fade Fade Circle All colors and gloss opacity can be further customized via Masque's GUI. Masque: Renaitre v5.3 requires, and is best used with Masque v5.3.394 or newer. Fans of the "Fade" skin should check out Sexymap for the "Faded Square by Renaitre" preset. Also check out SharedMedia: Renaitre for bar textures,...
Tidy Plates: Renaitre 5.4.2b

Tidy Plates: Renaitre

Feb 06, 2014 Renaitre Inactive
An evolving, customized Theme for Tidy Plates incorporating elements from Masque: Renaitre and SharedMedia: Renaitre into the Quatre layout (with permission from danltiger). Tidy Plates: Renaitre requires, and is best used with Tidy Plates 6.13.3 or newer.
Statusbars v5.4

SharedMedia: Renaitre

Sep 10, 2013 Renaitre Inactive
NEW ..A separate, "Tooltips" folder is included which makes the Chat Bubbles match the "Beveled" borders as well as the Masque: Renaitre "Square Thin" skin. -see pic for the destination of this folder This is my media pack for customizing your UI. It's meant to allow a unified look with the Masque: Renaitre "Fade" and various "Beveled" skins. All textures are named "RenXxxxx," "RenaitreXxxxx," "rXxxxx" to easily keep them grouped together (will consolidate this soon). Shaded statusbars for a...
Renaitre Tribal Bars


Sep 26, 2012 Arcanefoam Inactive
DHUD4 is a recode, new features addition and optimization of Drathal's original DHUD. DHUD4 is Heads Up Display Addon that provides 4 sets of bar to display player, target, pet, focus, target of target and/or vehicle health and power, and target range, druid mana when shapeshifted and threat information. Additionally player buffs, target buffs/debuffs and special class abilities are tracked. Two simple cast bars allow player and target casting tracking too. Bar text info and nameplates can be...