May 23, 2013 Quaiche Release
Broker_Bags is a very simple LibDataBroker (aka LDB) plugin that shows your bag information. It will not display anything by itself and requires an LDB display like NinjaPanel or Fortress to display anything. It provides a simple text display like this: “25/64” that shows used/total. Clicking on the panel toggles your default bags. On mouse rollover, a tooltip is displayed that shows the same display for all of your toons on that realm. Broker_Bags excludes ammo/shard bags since that is well...


Dec 11, 2012 Quaiche Release
A simple LDB plugin that toggles the display of the Combat Log chat frame.


Jan 25, 2011 Quaiche Inactive
About BattlefieldMinimapScale Ever since I started doing Archaeology with the addon ArchaeologyHelper, I have found myself running with the BattlefieldMinimap open. But it was just too small. For a while I would use a macro the scale it, but got sick of that. And sometimes I found I wanted it small again while I was doing something else or didn’t really need to see it. Thus BattlefieldMinimapScale was born. It is about the simplest thing that could possibly work. Assuming you’ve shown your...