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Sep 04, 2012 Netrox Inactive
RecastReminderButton I made this Addon, as i'm often fail to recast Earth Shield on the tank, and even more often to recast Watershield on self... This Addon shows a clickable button for each supported spell, the buttons are meant reminds to (re)cast a certain spell on spezific conditions (eg watershield at 1 or less stacks -> recast) for some spells (eg earthshield), even on the desired target. Currently supported Classes/Spells Shaman (Restoration) Watershield Earthshield Features Movable...
The Buttons


Jun 17, 2013 Netrox Release
Features (This is a full rewrite - not all features may be working right now) Basic Monitor all active Item or Spell(incl. Pet) Cooldowns as Buttons. Grouping Buttons for Items and Spells in its own Button Bars Support for combining both to one Bar Support for a Bar with Expiring Cooldowns Option to split single Cooldowns from that Groups and Displaying them on saved positions. GUI Based Configuration Customization Skinnable Buttons with Masque Button size and opacity configurable You can...


Jun 17, 2013 Netrox Release
This is a Just-for-Fun (Feral) Druid Addon! WHY this Addon? I play a Feral Druid with Kitty Specc and I LOVE the /purr emote... another question?^^ What exactly does KittyPurr? While in Cat Form it does /purr-emote in random intervals (between 1 - 5 minutes). KittyPurr ignores if you have a target, and always does "<Your Charname> purrs like a kitten." In Battlegrounds and Arena it does NOT /purr for your security (On PvP Realms it will /purr in contested areas, so be carefull).