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Moncai Compare

Jun 25, 2015 Moncai Release
About Moncai Compare EquipCompare. Many have used it, many loved it. Then, Blizzard added it's own implementation. However, this requires you to hold the shift key every time. Not anymore! MoncaiCompare is a lightweight addon with zero overhead to bring you the comfort of the original EquipCompare using as much as Blizzard's own code as possible. Automatically showing comparison tool tips in the bank, at the auction, in your bags, in the dungeon journal, when looking at quest rewards and when...
Hotkey Label Improver: Before and After

Moncai Hotkey Label Improver

Mar 06, 2015 Moncai Release
About Hotkey Label Improver Let's say you want to bind some actionbar buttons to Ctrl--, Numpad-5, Ctrl-Alt-F7. These would show up as ', Num... and ', which is totally unclear! With this addon these will display as c--, N 7 and G7 so it's easier to look up what key combo is bound to what! (G stands for Ctrl-Alt-F#, I use the G keys on my logitech gaming keyboard that way, G1 bound to Ctrl+Alt+F1 and so on. If there is demand for other shortcuts I will try to add them later on). Let me know...
Moncai's Compact Experience Bar

Moncai Compact Experience Bar

Mar 06, 2015 Moncai Release
Reasons for Compact Experience Bar Are your mates constantly asking you how many bars/boxes/bubbles you have or are away from the next level? Ever wonder how many boxes/bubbles/bars this next quest will net you or how many you need for next level? Or maybe you are more of a percentage kind of person, constantly trying to guess what percentage you are at? Meet Moncai's Compact Experience Bar! In a neat and concise way it gives you a compact experience progress bar overlaid with a textual...

Flight Map and Time

Mar 06, 2015 Moncai Release
About Flight Map and Time Flight Map and Time is all about the flights you take in the World of Warcraft. It draws lines on the continent maps, showing you visually where you can fly from each zone as you mouse over them, as well as showing a window listing all the available destinations, their costs and their flight durations. On the zone level map, flight masters appear as small boot icons, allowing you to see where they are. During flights, a castbar-alike progress bar will show you how...