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Dec 24, 2013 MetalGearDaner Inactive
The Rocket plugin The Rocket plugin Have you ever wanted any other kind of way to punish or penalice your bad users? Now you can rocket users throwing the to the sky is they misbehave. Rocket is a simply one-command plugin that add to your server a funny way of sanctioning. Features and how it works Rocket is a very simple plugins. It only have one permission (rocket.op) and one command (/rocket). When a Staff member rocket a player, it will automatically jump about 40 blocks into the sky,...


Dec 05, 2013 mcat95 Beta
The new Report managment CatReport is a plugin that provides an organised report managment allowing users to report any kind of infringement when any Staff member is not online or available. The reports are stored and when a Staff member connects, the plugin will advise him that there are reports that need to be processed. Just with a simple command, any user with permissions can make reports to the Staff, in the report, the users are allowed to add some text to specify what the infraction...


May 13, 2013 mcat95 Inactive
CatExp == Hello Bukkit! I'm glad to bring you CatExp. Are you tired to die and die and die again and lose all your levels? Are you tired of not being able to trade levels? CatExp is your perfect solution! How does it works CatExp is a plugin that allows you to store your XP in vanilla bottles of experience. Each bottle can store up to 17 (will be configurable soon) points. Here you have a graph from Minecraft Wiki showing the equivalence between points and levels. CatExp also includes the...
  • 3 bukkit plugins found