Oct 16, 2014 MSaint Inactive
LibSpecRoster is a very lightweight library to keep track of group (party/raid) specializations, roles, talents, and glyphs. Blizzard made some nice changes with 5.0. All spec changes by group members trigger the PLAYER_SPECIALIZATION_CHANGED event, and group members can always be inspected, no matter where they are, as long as they are online. This means that there is no longer any reason for complex libraries that watch group members' casts to see if they cast a spec change, and that...


May 19, 2014 MSaint Inactive
A highly configurable in-game layout creation tool for Grid. Main Features: Group filters which allow you to create groups by Role (Tank, Melee, Healer, Ranged), Raid Group, Name Lists, Out of Zone and/or Offline, and Guild, as well as a catch-all filter (Everyone). You can allow repetitions, or have players appear only in the first group for which they match the filter. Sorting within groups by Name, Raid Index, Class, or Role. You can also choose to have yourself appear at the beginning or...
Trash List Management


Nov 21, 2013 sparcheta3 Inactive
Trashcan keeps space free in your inventory by selling low value gray items or destroying them if you do not visit a vendor and are running out of space. (Note: when first installed, Trashcan is disabled. Go to Options->Interface->AddOns to enable it.) Features: GUI configuration can be opened by clicking the Minimap / LDB icon or through the Bliz Options/Interface/Addons. Maintains a Trashlist to which you can add non-gray items that will automatically be sold (or destroyed, depending on...