Mar 31, 2014 Lombra Alpha
Library for creating some commonly used objects. local Libra = LibStub("Libra") Libra:NewAddon("addonName"[, addonTable) Table with module and event handling functions. local addon = Libra:NewAddon("addonName"[, addonTable) Libra:EmbedWidgets(target) Embeds all widget creation functionality on the target table, allowing you to directly create widgets. local MyAddon = Libra:NewAddon("MyAddon") Libra:EmbedWidgets(MyAddon) local dropdown = MyAddon:CreateDropdown("Menu")...
Saved instances

Vortex: SavedInstances

Mar 14, 2014 Lombra Alpha
Saved instances module for Vortex. Shows to which instances your characters are locked. Requires Vortex.


Mar 07, 2014 Lombra Alpha
LootLibrary acts as a core for addons that wants to implement a fairly simple UI based on items. It is built around a dynamic database of items, which addons can add to. It includes three modules out of the box; Browse, Search and Favorites. Browse Essentially the default UI's encounter journal (for loot) with a completely different, more convenient UI. This module lets you browse all the loot contained in the addon's database that has been attributed a source. By default, it adds all items...

LootLibrary: OldRaidLoot

Mar 06, 2014 Lombra Alpha
Adds loot from old raids to LootLibrary.


Mar 06, 2014 Lombra Alpha
Caches requested item info, allowing much quicker access on subsequent requests than GetItemInfo. Caches return values from GetItemInfo and are localised wherever applicable. Callbacks when items get cached. Simply get a reference to the library and then use it as a table, accessing item info using either item ID or item string. If the item is cached, will return a table: items[13262] = { name = "Ashbringer", quality = 5, itemLevel = 76, reqLevel = 60, type = "Weapon", subType = "Two-Handed...
Character info

Vortex: CharacterInfo

Feb 19, 2014 Lombra Alpha
Character info module for Vortex. Adds character details to the existing character module UI. Character name Guild name Character level Character race Character class Experience Location Gold Requires Vortex and DataStore_Characters.


Mar 31, 2014 Lombra Beta
Vortex lets you view all of your characters' possessions at any time in a user interface similar to the default. The base addon handles actual items only, including equipped items, backpack, bank, void storage, mailbox and auction house. It uses the DataStore suite of libraries to store all the information. If you install Vortex using the Curse Client, the required DataStore addons gets installed automatically, otherwise you will need to manually install the latest alpha version of each...


Oct 21, 2013 Lombra Beta
SpellBinding is a powerful keybinding tool, fully utilising the power of AceDB datatypes. It lets you bind spells, items and macros without placing them on an action button. All bindings set using this addon are override bindings, which means they exist only when the addon is loaded and they work separately from the regular keybindings. Open the addon using either of the following commands: /spellbinding /sb Bindings The Bindings tab is the default interface for the actual binding...


Sep 02, 2012 Lombra Inactive
Adds a status to Grid for debuffs dispellable by your character. How is this different than the standard debuff type statuses, you ask? Well, the keywords are "dispellable by your character". This means curses won't show up if you're a paladin or a priest, magic effects won't show up unless you have a healing spec, etc. Notes: Only debuffs dispellable by proper healing spec dispels will be taken into account. This means that the paladin skill Emancipate or Mass Dispel if you're shadow, for...


Sep 01, 2012 Lombra Inactive
This addon lets you easily change the icon of your macros to that of one of your items, talents, achievements and more. To use it: Open macro frame. Select desired macro. Ctrl-left click the item to use its icon for your macro. Currently supports: Items (including links) All spellbook content Talents Achievements Mounts Pets


Aug 30, 2012 Lombra Inactive
Lets you to right click your shapeshift buttons to recast the form, just like how the '/cast !Shapeshift' macros work. Will only load for druids. If you would like to enable its functionality for any class, please open Powershifter.lua (in Notepad or the likes) and remove or comment out the first line. For use with default action bars. Using Bartender4? Try Bartender4: Powershifter.


Aug 29, 2012 Lombra Inactive
Displays your current movement speed and (optionally) pitch in a small standalone frame or via an LDB feed. - Usage: /speedy - Toggles the frame /speedy config - Opens configuration window Absolute units are based on the following assumptions: Base running speed is 7 yards per second. 1 yard = 0.9144 meters. 1 mile = 1760 yards.
Display counter


Aug 29, 2012 Lombra Inactive
Formerly Titan Panel [AFK Timer]. This LibDataBroker data source that shows you how long you have been AFK for, and also when you went AFK, and informs you of this through a visible timer as well as when you return. You can choose to use local or server time.

Critline AutoAnnounce

Aug 29, 2012 Lombra Inactive
Automatically announces new records from Critline to a channel of your choice. Requires Critline.

Battle Assessment

Aug 19, 2011 Lombra Inactive
Displays raw combat log event data in a table layout. Columns can be filtered by content and rows can be sorted by columns.


Mar 14, 2011 Lombra Inactive
This addon lets you scroll the mouse wheel on the world map to switch floors. May not work with all third party map addons.


Mar 04, 2011 Lombra Inactive
This addon hides the reagent number on action buttons when you have a glyph that removes reagent requirement. Please refer to Bartender4-ThereIsNoCost for a Bartender compatible version.


Nov 20, 2010 Lombra Inactive
Adds the name of the player who cast a buff or debuff to its tooltip.
Tooltip + reagent icons

Titan Panel [Reagent Tracker]

Nov 03, 2010 Lombra Inactive
This addon displays reagent counters for your class' buffs on the Titan Panel. You can choose which reagents to track, and also whether to display the reagent or the spell icon.


Jun 07, 2010 Lombra Inactive
This addon will show debuff stack count on your focus and target of target/focus frames.