Vortex: Currencies

Apr 08, 2014 Lombra Release
Currency module for Vortex. Stores and displays currencies for your characters.

VoidTransmog: MogIt

Apr 07, 2014 Lombra Release
This addon allows you to transmogrify your MogIt wishlist sets in one go, using the transmogrification UI. Your currently available containers will be searched for the desired items. Bank items are available while you're at the bank, and void storage items once they have been loaded for the current session. Requires MogIt. Use with VoidTransmog to be able to open the transmogrification UI while at the bank or void storage.


Mar 31, 2014 Lombra Beta
Vortex lets you view all of your characters' possessions at any time in a user interface similar to the default. The base addon handles actual items only, including equipped items, backpack, bank, void storage, mailbox and auction house. It uses the DataStore suite of libraries to store all the information. If you install Vortex using the Curse Client, the required DataStore addons gets installed automatically, otherwise you will need to manually install the latest alpha version of each...
Saved instances

Vortex: SavedInstances

Mar 14, 2014 Lombra Alpha
Saved instances module for Vortex. Shows to which instances your characters are locked. Requires Vortex.
Character info

Vortex: CharacterInfo

Feb 19, 2014 Lombra Alpha
Character info module for Vortex. Adds character details to the existing character module UI. Character name Guild name Character level Character race Character class Experience Location Gold Requires Vortex and DataStore_Characters.


May 26, 2013 Lombra Release
This addon allows you to transmogrify to items from your void storage or bank without first withdrawing them, either by opening the transmogrification UI while at the bank or the void storage, or by opening the void storage while at the transmogrifier. (regular bank items are not available unless "physically" present) Simply click the 'Transmogrify' button on your bank or void storage, or the 'Void' button at the transmogrifier, and drag and drop items onto the appropriate slots. You may also...