Mar 29, 2016 Ketho Release
Shows time taken when you level up Shows when someone from your Group, Guild or Friends levels up Announces when you ding Features Level Summary and Level Graphs Slash Commands: /rsd, /readysetding Localization, Tickets (Bugs / Errors / Feature Requests)
Human Priest T5 by cocoasweety

Ketho InstanceTimer

Mar 24, 2016 Ketho Release
Shows the time taken for completing a Dungeon Supports Dungeons and Raids Keeps track of your instance history Custom message formatting Slash Commands: /kit, /kinstance Localization, Tickets (Bugs / Errors / Feature Requests)
Blood elf by yaorenwo


Mar 23, 2016 Ketho Release
Shows your chat messages through Combat Text Blizzard Floating Combat Text MikScrollingBattleText ScrollingCombatText Custom message formatting Slash Commands: /scr, /scrollingchat FAQ I can't enable Blizzard's Floating Combat Text! That means it was disabled in the Blizzard Interface menu; you'll have to enable it. (Note that if you use MSBT, it will disable Blizzard's FCT) Interface -> Floating Combat Text -> [X] My Floating Combat Text I don't see the "PopupMessage" output. That output is...

Ketho CombatLog

Mar 21, 2016 Ketho Release
Shows special events like Taunts & Interrupts Shows Taunts, Interrupts, Dispels, Crowd Control, Deaths Supports Combat Text output through Blizzard FCT / SCT / MSBT Custom message formatting Slash Commands: /ket, /kethocombat


Sep 04, 2015 Ketho Release
Fades the Blizzard Raid Frames Makes it easier to discern which players are in range and adds fading in/out transitions The options sliders are in the Raid Profiles options panel
メイ Rosa


Sep 04, 2015 Ketho Release
Hides the Blizzard Raid Frames (This logically also disables Raid-Style Party Frames) Slash Commands (Toggles the Raid Frames): /hr, /hideraid If you stop using this addon, the Raid Frames won't magically come back! You need to use this AddOn again and enable them with the slash command Or delete/modify each character-specific AddOns.txt in the WTF folder Or use the macro script below Just give me a macro for toggling the Raid Frames, I don't want to use your addon /run local f =...
Super Mario 64 Camera


Sep 04, 2015 Ketho Release
Increases Camera Zoom Speed Slash Commands: /fc, /fastercam FAQ I stopped using FasterCamera, but the camera speed feels strange now .. You can use this script to reset to the default speed (and max distance). It's the same as clicking FasterCamera's "Defaults" button: /run for _, v in ipairs({"cameraDistanceMoveSpeed", "cameraDistanceMax", "cameraDistanceMaxFactor"}) do SetCVar(v, GetCVarDefault(v)) end
WoW Chinese Logo


Sep 04, 2015 Ketho Release
Filters any Chinese, Korean and Japanese characters from chat It's useful against the abuse of bigger font sizes in chat, or if your server (probably US-Illidan) has a lot of Chinese speaking players that you intend to ignore It doesn't combat gold spam, use BadBoy for that


Sep 04, 2015 Ketho Release
Auto confirms Need, Greed and Disenchant rolls Also includes looting Bind on Pickup (BoP) items while Solo


Nov 11, 2014 Ketho Release
Congratulates your Guild/Party members when they say "ding" or receive a Level Achievement Supports random messages, and throttling/delaying messages kGratz functionality was moved out of ReadySetDing Slash Commands: /kgz, /kgratz


Nov 10, 2014 Ketho Release
Shows Guild Note changes Notifies you whenever a Public Note, Officer Note (if viewable) or Guild Rank Name gets changed. It will also show you all changes that happened while you were offline Names are clickable, for easy whispering


Nov 08, 2014 Ketho Release
Since patch 4.1.0 all bags are opened on accessing the Bank / Mailbox / Vendor with the default UI. This AddOn changes it back to the original functionality, so that only the backpack will be opened


Nov 08, 2014 Ketho Release
RemoveCountdown disables the Battleground/Arena countdown numbers Removes those big, annoying countdown numbers at the 10 second mark
Silent Night Sona


Nov 08, 2014 Ketho Release
Shows Jukes and Interrupts Slash Command: /juke Shows Jukes and Interrupts in the chat frame Custom message formatting Supports announce to chat (disabled in battlegrounds) Localization Libraries: Ace3, LibDataBroker


Oct 25, 2014 Ketho Release
Show the target's Guild Achievement Points and the number of Guild Members in the GameTooltip Renamed from GuildLevelTooltip to GuildPointsTooltip in WoD, with the removal of guild levels