Human Priest T5 by cocoasweety

Ketho InstanceTimer

Dec 22, 2014 Ketho Release
Announces the time taken for completing an Instance or Raid PSA: This addon will be renamed to "Ketho InstanceTimer" for the WoD version The big problem is that all the old data can not be migrated and will be left behind in the previous "kInstanceTimer" addon Slash Commands: /kit, /kinstance Top is v0.4 data. Bottom is v0.3 data and older. Localization, Tickets (Bugs / Errors / Feature Requests) Libraries: Ace3, LibSink-2.0, LibDataBroker


Nov 11, 2014 Ketho Release
Congratulates your Guild/Party members when they say "ding" or receive a Level Achievement Supports random messages, and throttling/delaying messages kGratz functionality was moved out of ReadySetDing Slash Commands: /kgz, /kgratz

Ketho CombatLog

Nov 07, 2014 Ketho Release
Ketho CombatLog only shows special events like Taunts & Interrupts Custom message formatting Shows Taunts, Interrupts, Jukes, Dispels, Reflects, Crowd Controls, Breaks, Deaths, Resurrects Supports Combat Text output through Blizzard FCT / SCT / MSBT Icons, icons everywhere Slash Commands: /ket, /kethocombat