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Ketho CombatLog

Apr 17, 2014 Ketho Release
Update 2014.04.17: I made another error. Battleground channel is not filtered again (for party/raid output). Fix will be included in v1.18 and later Ketho CombatLog only shows special events like Taunts & Interrupts Custom message formatting Shows Taunts, Interrupts, Jukes, Dispels, Reflects, Crowd Controls, Breaks, Deaths Supports Combat Text output through Blizzard FCT / SCT / MSBT Icons, icons everywhere Slash Commands: /ket, /kethocombat Localization, Tickets (Bugs / Errors / Feature...
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Apr 10, 2014 Ketho Release
Automatically congratulates your Guild and/or Party members when they say "ding" or receive an (Level) Achievement Supports random messages, and throttling/delaying messages kGratz functionality was moved out of ReadySetDing Slash Commands: /kgz, /kgratz Links Localization, Tickets (Bugs / Errors / Feature Requests) Libraries: Ace3, LibDataBroker
by cocoasweety


May 23, 2013 Ketho Release
Announces the time taken for completing an Instance or Raid Slash Commands: /kit, /kinstance Top is v0.4 data. Bottom is v0.3 data and older. Localization, Tickets (Bugs / Errors / Feature Requests) Libraries: Ace3, LibSink-2.0, LibDataBroker