More Stopwatches

More Stopwatches

Sep 18, 2014 Jitter88 Release
More Stopwatches This addon lets you create multiple stopwatches with the default /timer slash command. It also adds a few new features for them, which are slash command based: /timer - Creates a new stopwatch with a default name. /timer TimerName - Creates a new stopwatch with a custom name. Names are unique, so use Name1, Name2, etc. /timer true TimerName - Create a new stopwatch with a custom name. The true tag indicates that the timer will be saved between sessions, if it is not hidden....
Symbiosis button with popup list (MAIN)


Sep 18, 2014 Jitter88 Release
Symbiosis This addon creates a new button in your UI to help you choose your target for Symbiosis and provides a timer for the buff, so you know by glance when to recast it. When you start the addon for the first time you will see a new button in the middle of the screen with the Symbiosis symbol - you can drag it wherever you like. After that you can hit the green "Lock" button above to fixate it (or use the little "x"-button to leave it dragable). Tickets / comments Found a bug or have an...
Innervator2 in action: Green frame flash at the screen edges and a text message in the middle of the screen.


May 27, 2014 Jitter88 Release
Innervator2 This addon reminds you to use your Innervate early in a fight with a text message and a little sound. You can set your innervate target freely to any other player and the addon will check that players mana instead of yours. Innervator2 can warn you when you are to far away from that player then. This addon was build after the old (no longer maintained) Innervator by Nebelmond/vancleef: http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/ivtr/ The addon will load up only when you have learned the...


May 29, 2013 Jitter88 Release
CancelFormForCrafting This very lightweight addon removes your shapeshift form when you try to craft something. When you try to craft and are shapeshifted you would only get the error message "You are in shapeshift form" normally [Edit: This seems to be a bug which comes along with Quartz]. The addon removes your shapeshift and lets you craft your stuff. It is enabled for druids only. The addon is disabled while you are in combat, so it should not cause any taint. Just be cautious when trying...


May 29, 2013 Jitter88 Release
This very lightweight addon will unmute sounds temporary when you get an invite (battleground, LFG tool, etc). The addon will turn the sounds on for a few seconds and will turn them off after that. "Sound in background" should be enabled in the WoW options. Currently supported are: battleground and arena invite dungeon finder tool (LFG) invite wintergrasp, tol barad invite group/raid invite duel request ready check getting a summon pet battle invite There are no configurations for this addon....


Nov 28, 2012 Jitter88 Release
ShowConsolidatedBuffDuration This very lightweight addon displays the duration of your raid buffs in the consolidated buff window (in form of a reversed cooldown animation, see screenshot). That's all, no saved variables, no slash commands.