Auction Undercut

Mar 07, 2012 Jaxomuk Planning
Auction undercut uses either Auctioneer data or it's own scan data to compare your current auctions against the lowest bid or buyout currently on the AH and then lists all items that you are being undercut. It then allows you to cancel those auctions. Full integration with either the default AH or Auctioneer.
Guild2Guild - Guild Info set up


Feb 25, 2015 Jaxomuk Release
Enables full functioning communication between 2 or more guilds. As long as 1 user per guild is online, with Guild2Guild set up and on, then all members of both guilds will be able to share Guild Chat. However it is advised to have many guild members install it. The more users the more stable Guild2Guild is. Members without Guild2Guild installed will still see shared chat but will see the name of the g2g relay toon as well as the name of whoever is speaking, ie: "[Jaxom][Fred]: This is...
GUI Output


Feb 24, 2015 Jaxomuk Release
This mod scans your guild at your first login. After this it writes changes of your guild into the chat at every login. You can see who left or joined your guild since your last time online. It shows: new members members that have left level changes rank changes note changes officer note changes (if you have the rights to read this note) Type "/egc" for options Please Post Errors Here http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/project-3843/tickets/ and not on Curse.

Guild Forum

Nov 03, 2010 Jaxomuk Alpha
This addon aims to bring the functionality of a message forum into the World Of Warcraft game. The intent is to allow players to communicate with guild members and allied guild members in a persistent manor. This should allow for more dynamic communications between players and a permanent repository for guild specific info such as preferred raid tactics. Enlarge

My Garrison is Done

Mar 29, 2015 Jaxomuk Alpha
My Garrison is Done shows a pop up window when you enter Lunarfall, which lets you know If you have missions available or complete, Followers Working or Idle, if you have done your herb garden and Mining. it uses a small window to show you a list IE: Missions Complete = 6 then below that Missions Available = 11 etc. While in your Garrison it will check and update as you complete objectives. The Window auto closes when you leave your garrison.
Simple Notepad

Simple Notepad (Notes)

Mar 10, 2015 Jaxomuk Release
Simple NotePad. Simple Notepad was designed so people could remember things, like what poisons to put on which dagger when on your rogue. All notes (except Character) are saved globally so you can access them from any character on your Account. Character Notes are saved per Character so you have character specific notes. Drag and Drop Item Links with Tooltip. Drag Icon to Cursor, release Left Mouse Button, Item Link Created. Simple Notepad has full LDB support, so will work on your Minimap,...
Right click any player in chat to add ChatNotes

Who TF R U (formally Chat Notes)

Feb 24, 2015 Zaultar Release
Who The Frack Are You? (Formally Chat Notes.) Have you ever received a whisper from another player saying "Do you still have Mageweave for sale?", and you are asking yourself, WHO ARE YOU? Then this plugin is for you. This VERY small utility allows you to assign notes to players chat messages. Every Guild, Party, Say, Channel and Whisper, message will have the Who TF RU Note added next to the players name. The notes appear in between the ( ). [2: Trade] [Bugsby]: (Steven) WTS 4xSolid Stone....