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Apr 13, 2014 kapulani Beta
This project is in active development; new alphas and beta are posted regularly. Please use the Curse Client to stay up to date. Developer Feel free to contact me directly if you have any issues. Private messages work well. Submitting a ticket is good as well. I do not get notifications if you comment on this page, unfortunately. You can reach me on the MMO-Champion forums as Hekili, or on Twitter as @Hekili808. News r66 - Localization is under-development. If you can contribute, please...
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Sep 12, 2013 wusula Release
Keeps track of current money and other currencies on all your characters on one realm. It's LDB for your currency flow. This is a continuation of the add-on Broker_Cashflow by Aledara (heavily based on FuBar_MoneyFu). Features Keeps track of gold, PvE, PvP and other currencies, as well as Archaeology Fragments Fully configurable tooltip. Summary (Characters on current realm) can be ordered on any column Individual characters can be set to ignored Color a currency if cap is reached Current 5.4...