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RepTracker (Reputation)

Apr 08, 2012 INSOMNIAX Inactive
An Ace3 mod that makes tracking reputation much simpler. Features: - Option to store reputation watched by zone and switch as you enter a new zone. - Able to manually change the reputation being tracked, or remember who you last gained reputation with. - Can be set to change when you gain reputation with a different faction, or be stored by zone, and recalled whenever you're in that zone. - Can just always track the reputation that corresponds to the tabard you're wearing. Q: Why the long...

Minutiae (Automation)

Apr 08, 2012 INSOMNIAX Inactive
An Ace3 mod to automate some of the more tedious tasks in WoW. Inspired by the Ace2 mod Automaton, by weab and gxxam. Minutiae is written from the ground up using Ace3, however, the ideas behind some of the functions it automates, such as auto-releasing your spirit in battlegrounds, are genius, and I never would have thought to automate them on my own. All credit for the basic ideas behind each automation should go to the Automaton authors. Currently Minutiae has the following functions (with...
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Spoils of War (Loot Browser)

Nov 15, 2011 INSOMNIAX Inactive
*NO LONGER MAINTAINED* The new Loot Browser in-game does most of what I wanted to accomplish with this mod. I'll use the lessons I learned here in RepTracker and Minutiae. A simple Loot Browser based on the Ace3 Framework. I HIGHLY recommend Skinner to go along with Spoils of War. Because SoW is an Ace3 mod, that is the only Addon Skin that Skinner needs to have installed to vastly improve the look of Spoils of War. The Screenshots attached show the 'without' and 'with' Skinner difference....