Apr 11, 2012 Hedschock Inactive
This little AddOn looks up the Combustion's Damage in the tooltip and displays it right beside your character. (Coords X=150, Y=0).

Swearfilter Fix

Jan 02, 2012 Hedschock Inactive
As of 4.3 the annoying swearfilter always turns itself on. You can stop that with this little addon. It will always turn off your swearfilter. Happy swearing folks!

WoWQuote2 Mediapack - FallenAngel

Dec 12, 2010 Hedschock Inactive
WoWQuote2 Mediapack - FallenAngel What do I need? WoWQuote2 working with the newest World of Warcraft Version (4.0.0!). Just search it on Curse.com. If it's not updated, find a way to update it yourself! What is it? It's a simple mediapack with the most liked sounds from our guild EU-Aegwynn "Fallen Angel". Why do I need it? You don't actually if you're not in our guild. But still there are cool sounds! What language are the sounds? Mostly german, but some are english. Credits This Subaddon,...