Nov 10, 2011 Grayal Inactive
Automatically sells low quality gray items and selected white items to the vendor. Based on Trouncer's AutoProfit v4.00 and on Uniquesone's and Bigzero's AutoProfitX2. complete rewriten for Ace3
arrange your buffs


Nov 13, 2011 Grayal Inactive
Customizing your buff display. Features free position of all buff buttons support up to 40 buff buttons (the max size can be changed) individual selection of rows and cols for all buff bars individual selection of scale for all buff bars added ButtonFacade support added a first version of prog bar (spell id's can be shown on buff bar) added a small bar for combo points Acknowledgement The addon based on Nimbal Buffalo2. Commands /bison or /bi - open the configuration dialog for Bison lock -...


Nov 10, 2011 Grayal Inactive
Snowflake-3.0 A library to provide a dropdown menu like dewdrop as ACE3 library. Snowflake-3.0 is used by AceConfigDialog to create the dropdown menus. Also its implements a new method for creating table views. Example local option = { type = 'group', name = 'SplitterBrokerTip', args = { top = { type = 'header', order = 10, name = Addon:GetName() }, space = { type = 'description', order = 11, name = ' ' }, header = { type = 'header', order = 12, name = M.Name..'~L'..M.Rank..'~R'..M.DKP }, } }...
main profession view


Dec 06, 2011 Grayal Inactive
Retooled Professions (ready for 4.2) Features new look of profession frame free selection of sorting profession spells hide lower skills define your favorites save the professions of all your freinds complete ace3 addon shift+click for materials quick swap professions free anchor point for mainframe search option lock posibility on submenu pickup items from bank slots (incomplete) auto hide if the user want it support for AckisRecipeList Acknowledgement The addon based on Nymbia's Manufac....


Dec 08, 2011 Grayal Inactive
Our guild need a compact loot managment and raid history system. This package contains a client and a master component. You can select different loot action methods, like roll, offer or fix values. You can define ranks for member of the raid. Over a complex rule system you can define your own raid loot rules.