FZ Cross-realm Communicator

Nov 12, 2014 Fylwind Release
This add-on provides cross-realm communication with other players through chat channels. Channels are inherently local to each server and thus messages are not broadcast to other servers. On the other hand, Battle.net conversations are in fact cross-realm, but are restricted to players who share Battle.net IDs with each other. In addition, Battle.net conversations do not persist upon logout so players must re-join the conversation if they log on to a different character, which requires an...

FZ Messaging Protocol

Dec 11, 2012 Fylwind Planning
Allows addons to exchange arbitrary data between clients. The SendAddonMessage system provided by Blizzard can be inadequate for addon communication: It is limited to strings up to 255 characters. There is no equivalent system for communication with Battle.net friends. This addon/library attempts to remedy the problem by providing a protocol that allows messages to be delivered to another clients efficiently and reliably, while surpassing the above limits.