Questlog Level Patch

Jun 13, 2014 Farmbuyer Release
Adds quest levels to the titles in the quest log. For example, "Whatever" is changed to "[12] Whatever". The first version of this addon was written by sarf, as part of the Cosmos/Khaos addon family. With the release of WotLK, Khaos was closed down, this addon was no longer updated, and I have not been able to contact sarf to learn his plans. I have done some minimal changes (see the enclosed .txt file for details) and brought the TOC up to date. The addon continues to work for WotLK and Cata...
if tank/healer role is ticked

Truth In LFGing

Jun 13, 2014 Farmbuyer Release
This just-for-fun addon applies the "truth in advertising" concept to the new Dungeon Finder interface introduced in patch 3.3. Its only effect is to change the text on the buttons in the LFG tool as shown in the screenshots, because that's the way things are. :-) Sorry for the poor screenshot quality. Yes, I used MS Paint. I may make additional changes in the future as ideas come to me. (For example, maybe renaming the "Oculus" entry in the specific dungeon list to "Waaaaah, I Don't Like...
recent example

Ouro Loot

Mar 21, 2013 Farmbuyer Release
What Ouro Loot tracks loot during a raid and then produces output formatted for pasting on a guild forum or similar place. Loot is optionally categorized by boss if you have Deadly Boss Mods installed. Loot can be annotated with notes (getting disenchanted, awarded for offspec, going to a guild vault, etcetera) and the forum output will be marked up appropriately. A longer-term history of loot is kept also. This addon does not replace or augment the Master Looter interface or behavior. In...