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Brilly's Pet Box

Oct 20, 2010 Endeavour Inactive
If you love your companions, you definately need this addon! Written by Endeavour for Brilly (both from EU Arthas) Features You no longer need the Blizzard companion chooser Ingame Database of all 153 companions Animated, zoomable and rotateable 3D models Filter options (Show only companions you own / show all companions) Favourites list (right-click to add / remove from list) Notepad (store notes for every pet like where it drops / which faction to grind reputation etc) Summon random...


Mar 12, 2013 sylvanaar Mature
A library with reusable code to detect failure at certain raid tasks. At last count there are 107 different "fails" that are tracked (updated for ToC/Icecrown courtesy of Maat/sztanpet/MysticalOS). Please note, this list is not always up-to-date. The Icecrown Citadel list includes: Fail_Rotface_OozeExplosion Fail_Rotface_StickyOoze Fail_Marrowgar_Whirlwind Fail_Marrowgar_Coldflame Fail_Marrowgar_SaberLash Fail_Festergut_VileGas Fail_Festergut_PungentBlight Fail_Deathwhisper_DeathNDecay...
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Worgen Auto Transform

Dec 16, 2010 Endeavour Inactive
If you are a Worgen player and would like to automatically return to your human form after combat, running wild or other stuff which turns you into a Worgen, this addon might be worth a try. You can acces the options menu by typing /wat or by using Blizzard's built-in addon options. If you have any suggestions, wishes or feedback - feel free to comment here. If you like the addon please rate it.