My Garrisons Timer Frame Version 2

My Garrisons

Mar 16, 2015 Endar_Ren Beta
MyGarrisons will allow you to keep track of all the garrisons for every character you have. It has panel displaying all your characters that have a garrison. Each can be expanded to show the missions they have pending or done, as well as their construction and work orders. Features Commands In-line commands are done with the slash command of "/gar". /gar timers: Shows the timer frame. /gar portal: This command opens the portal setter for this character (See Mage Tower/Spirit Lodge Timer...

Full House Helper

Feb 14, 2015 Endar_Ren Beta
This addon lets the user check for the five adds needed for the ICC achievement "Full House". It records if each add was seen and how long ago it was seen. It also changes if it fails to detect an add that was found before because that add died. Commands /fhh show: Toggles the shown/hidden of the frame. /fhh resetpos: Resets the frame to the center of the screen.
MageGate Teleport Setting Frame v7

Mage Gate

Oct 15, 2014 Endar_Ren Release
This addon puts some elements from the TV series StarGate onto your mage and will soon have some features for those who do not play a mage. While it does not change any of the interface, it does do some dialogue work and adds sound effects. Commands Type "/mgate" to get the in game display of the commands. Add the command name at the end of that, with a space after mgate. As of MageGate v6, there is only one command you will need to know. That is "/mgate show". This will display the...