Individual Gratz


Apr 03, 2014 Endar_Ren Release
Similar to AutoGratz, but with some more features, such as messages for specific people or achievements. Working Features Guild gratz. Battleground Victory Gratz for specific achievements. Gratz for specific people. Ding Settings Disable: This option makes it so that the addon does not send gratz messages at all. Delay: This sets the range of delay before sending a gratz. The delay is in seconds. You do not want to use a delay of 0 seconds because it might send a gratz before the achievement...

Achieve Machine

Mar 28, 2014 Endar_Ren Beta
This is an addon for those people who do not want to miss any achievements their friends or guildmates earn, but do not want to have an automatically gratz sent out for it. Instead, it records every achievement message you receive and lists them so you can see who got what achievement and congratulate them however you see fit. Commands All text commands start with "/amach" show: Shows the list of recorded achievements. hide: Hides the list of recorded achievements. Features Sorting Underwork....


Dec 23, 2013 Endar_Ren Release
This library will identify the NPC tamer the player is fighting against. Only one function: GetTamerName(), which returns either the name of the tamer or "Unknown".
Battle Pet Tactics Data Structures

Battle Pet Tactics

Dec 22, 2013 Endar_Ren Beta
This addon is made to record pet battles and allow the user to analyze their opponents while not in battle. It can be used to record any pet battle; wild, NPC tamer, duels, and even random battle finders. The addon can use machine learning algorithms to go over the data of an opponent and try to predict what actions the opponent will take in future battles. Currently, the only supported algorithm is a decision tree growth algorithm. A perceptron may be add later. Because this addon does a...

Talking Dead

Aug 12, 2013 Endar_Ren Beta
This addon tries to bring back the dialog clips that used to be played when a Death Knight clicked on their pet ghoul. Depending on how well this addon does, I might add more features or implement the idea of this addon into another project I am working on.
MageGate Teleport Setting Frame v7

Mage Gate

Aug 10, 2013 Endar_Ren Release
This addon puts some elements from the TV series StarGate onto your mage and will soon have some features for those who do not play a mage. While it does not change any of the interface, it does do some dialogue work and adds sound effects. Commands Type "/mgate" to get the in game display of the commands. Add the command name at the end of that, with a space after mgate. As of MageGate v6, there is only one command you will need to know. That is "/mgate show". This will display the...
World Boss Frame

LF Channel

Jan 10, 2013 Endar_Ren Beta
Introduction This addon is a new tool I created for looking for or putting together groups. Using an addon channel, you can send LFM and LFG requests to others using the addon and these requests will be added to a persistent list that everyone with LF Channel can view. How To Use This addon functions like a message board. Using a channel to communicate with all those on the realm with the addon, requests for groups can be put on a list that all can view. There are two types of requests;...
RaidContest Set up Frame


Dec 31, 2012 Endar_Ren Release
There seem to be some bugs. I am trying to fix them. If you find any, please let me know. Contest is an addon designed to allow players to create their own collecting contests for gathering, such as fishing, mining, and herbing. It allows the raid leader to create a contest, specify what items give points, and the duration of the contest. Players can join the contest by joining the raid and having the addon on their computer. The addon will keep track of the items gathered by each contestant...
New Custom Track Frame

Pet Battle Pokemon Mod

Dec 24, 2012 Endar_Ren Release
This addon will let the user automatically play music from various Pokemon games during a pet battle. Just go into your Interface and look under addon PetBattlePokemonMusic. The first section there will let you set your music tracks for wild and trainer battles. It also lets each user added their own sound files to the addon to make their own tracks to play. With that, you can use music from anywhere while you do pet battles. The section titles How to Get Your Own Sounds into WoW will tell...

PBPM Mod Template

Dec 20, 2012 Endar_Ren Beta
The addon Pet Battle Pokemon Mod has received many requests for specific sounds and music tracks. However, I do not have the time to make all of those sound files and put them into the addon. Also, some of these requests are from games that I have not played, so it is hard for me to make tracks and sounds for Pet Battle Pokemon Mod. So for that, and to satisfy the requests to make it so others can share their sounds and tracks with other, I created this addon. Actually, it is not really an...


Aug 28, 2012 Endar_Ren Inactive
Overview This addon is designed to help with the crewing of vehicles in a group. It will detect when group members enter and leave a vehicle and gathers and records data on the vehicle in question, including what seat a group member has taken in a vehicle. This addon was originally made to help with Ulduar pugs for the first boss, but it can also be used in some battlegrounds like Wintergrasp, Strand of the Ancients and Isle of Conquest. Commands To enter a command or to see the list of...


Jul 14, 2012 Endar_Ren Inactive
This addon places an icon on the minimap at the rough location of a feast, mage table, soulwell, cauldron, and guild bank. The idea is to help people find these things in raids when they are not easy to see, like if someone is standing right on top of it. TableTracker will track Ritual of Refreshment Ritual of Souls Cauldron of Battle Big Cauldron of Battle Seafood Magnifique Feast Broiled Dragon Feast Fish Feast Great Feast Mobile Banking Coming Soon... Basic Campfire PvP Banners Guild Banners