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Jun 08, 2012 ElectronGuigui Beta
EagleEye: a good and simply plugin that records what happend on a server. No configuration, no MySQL, no problems. Click here ! THIS PROJECT IS CURRENTLY OUT OF DATE AND UNUSFUL because I didn't work on it since a very very long time

Eagle Eye

Mar 22, 2014 ElectronGuigui Release
Know what happens on your server ! EagleEye is a very simple and lightweight plugin who logs the events which happen on the server. It puts this infos in text files so you can find out what happened just by clicking on a file. These things are written in log files, with the date they have been made: when a player connect/disconnect/is kicked (display player IP and world) when a player speak in the chat (display the message and if this message whas modified or created by a plugin or by the...
  • 2 bukkit plugins found