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Archy - Archaeology Assistant

Feb 01, 2015 Torhal Release
If you care at all about my wishes, you won't download this AddOn from SolidIce: They are leeching it from the site I actually choose to put it on. Archy is an assistant for Archaeologists that want information at their finger tips. Translators: http:www.wowace.com/addons/archy/localization/ Bug reports/suggestions: WoWAce Tickets system Bugs reported in comments will be deleted. Features Localized for English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese users On-screen...
aql menu

Armory QuickLink

Jan 27, 2014 Dridzt Inactive
Armory QuickLink Adds profile links to player right-click menu. Also to the raid browser player lists, party/raid and target context menus. Features It will provide direct links for US and EU, TW(experimental), KO(experimental), CN(experimental) servers in the player's language. Works in x-realm parties, raids. Configuration and Usage /aql lists the available profilers with their number. /aql x (where x is the profiler number) sets the profiler to use (remembered across sessions). Right-click...


Sep 10, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
Simple, minimal addon to automatically switch the watched faction reputation bar to the most recent faction gain. AutoRepSwitch Automatically switch the rep bar to the most recent faction gained. No configuration, minimal footprint (2kb), install and forget. Works for all language clients with no need for localization. Will pick the correct faction regardless of collapsed/expanded state. Will respect your reputation window expanded/collapsed headers. Supports Guild Reputation.
BarrierText collage


Sep 10, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
Barrier Text A simple textual representation of the Warrior ability: Shield Barrier predicted absorb value before casting it, and optionally the remaining absorb amount until expiration after casting it. Features Show Shield Barrier predicted absorb before casting it as a free floating Text value. (green text) Optionally show actual and remaining absorb value after casting it. (orange text) Optionally show an estimate of actual damage absorbed after the barrier is consumed/fades. (white...
doing it wrong

Blessed Silence

Nov 01, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
Original title: JustShutUp After spending a couple days in Proving Grounds collecting the relevant achievements the NPCs constant chatter gets tiresome and annoying. In the end I realized I couldn't stomach it any longer if I was going to visit again on alts. Hence Blessed Silence was born. It will filter out their yells both from the chatframe as well as the boss-emote frame. It will instead print a single line on the chat frame with the current wave you're on so you can easier monitor your...
Looking for Other Raids

Blizz Shop to Looking for Other Raids

Dec 12, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
ShopToLFOR (Blizzard Store to Looking For Other Raids) replaces the Blizzard Store MicroButton with a Looking For Other Raids MicroButton. Patch 5.4.2 brought a revamp of the old raid browser making it cross-realm, but they kept it at the same obscure location with no visibility. This little addon corrects that oversight, making it readily available ;-) If you want to get rid of the Blizz Store entirely instead of re-purpose it check out StoreBeGone! Do not use both addons together, pick one...


Sep 10, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
BossLogger Contrary to other popular combat logging addons BossLogger will not turn the combatlog on per zone. It will instead automatically log only encounters involving raid-level bosses keeping the combatlong trimmed and relevant for upload to online parsers like: World of Logs WoW Meters Online Wow Web Stats Usage Minimal configuration is done at the command-line: /bosslogger (/blg for shorthand)


Oct 31, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
Description I often miss guild and party messages popping up on my screen since they don't make a sound. I figured I'd make a mod to solve the problem. :) Features Can play new sounds for Whispers Guild Officer Party and Party Leader Raid and Raid Leader Battlegrounds and BG Leader Custom player joined channels Force Whisper sounds for every whisper. Blacklist specific custom channels (for example hidden channels joined by addons) Allows users to /r after sending a whisper without getting a...
A random doodle


Nov 14, 2013 Humbedooh Inactive
Doodlepad is a whiteboard addon for drawing doodles on your screen for use with explaining fight strategies, making commentary about videos or just doodling. Doodles can be shared across a party, raid or guild scope in real-time. Features Draw images, strategic maps or just doodles using vector graphics Add text, rectangles, circles and raid icons to your drawings Seamless resizing of any doodle, old or new. Custom colors for everything! Optional instance map overlays for explaining raid...
EJ Smaller Map Buttons

EJ Smaller Map Buttons

Sep 10, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
EJ Smaller Map Buttons ... is a simple addon to allow setting a smaller scale for the Encounter Journal Boss Icons on the World or Instance Maps. I decided to make this after I had boss icons cover up party member blips, and a big part of the map topography on a number of occasions. Options Game Menu (Esc) Interface Addons -> EJSmallerMapButtons and use the slider to set the desired size. Setting is saved across logins. 3rd party addons Only tested with the default map and Mapster.
FlareUP keybinds


Sep 10, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
FlareUP ... is yet another addon for using the new World Markers (raid flares) as a party leader, raid leader or officer without going through the compact raid manager. So why another one? It's a different implementation that doesn't rely on the usual/click CompactRaidFrameManagerDisplayFrameLeaderOptionsRaidWorldMarkerButton /click DropDownListXButtonX macros every other world marker addon is using. I prefer the small button that I can drag to any side of the screen as opposed to a bar. It...
Fragile3 message


Sep 11, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
Fragile3 An aggro warning system for parties and raids. Fragile will provide various alerts when other party or raid members overaggro the tank as well as alerts when you overaggro. Primarily aimed at heightening the awareness of the party/raid tank but useful for healers to see where damage is going next and dps as an overaggro alert. Features Configurable Sound Alerts. Combat text Alerts. PartyFrame Flashing (Blizzard frames only). Role aware: Player as well as other party/raid members...
Herb Tooltip


Oct 14, 2014 Valdarix Release
GatherNow - Gathering Level Helper GatherNow aims to be a lightweight gathering profession assistant. Its soul purpose in existence is to provide a small visual queue for what resource to gather and where to gather it best. The helper was designed from the point of view of a high level character skilling up a gathering profession. It is intended to provided the fastest possible route to max level as possible. More details below: Features: Supports Mining, Herbalism and now Skinning!!! (Thanks...
GuildMemberStatus tooltip


Dec 11, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
Overview GuildMemberStatus adds a visual indicator for guildmember status (available, away, busy) before the player name. Makes it easy to know at a glance if the members of your guild are AFK or DND since WoW 4.0.1 and Cataclysm removed the status column from all guild roster views. Function Just one low-impact hook. Works in all guild views (player,guild,profession,achievement and Cata ones) If Class Colors is installed it will use it for class coloring. New Mouse-over tooltip for players...

Healer Meta Alert

Nov 08, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
HealerMetaAlert came about at the request of a guild member. When the Courageous Primal Diamond procs for 4seconds of mana-free casting this little addon ... will print an alert on the raidwarning frame (visible only to the player not an actual raid announcement) will play a clear-casting sound (on the SFX channel so you can disable it if you like to play with sounds off) will show a Spell Activation Alert in the middle of the screen (if you have "Show Spell Alerts" enabled from game options)...


Sep 10, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
IgnoreNotes A simple addon for a simple job. Adding notes to the default ignore list similar to what is possible for friend's list. Notes are saved per character. This should allow the user to make a better decision over who to remove from list (light offenders) and who to keep there when needing extra space. Usage Right-click an entry in the Ignore List and choose Edit Note from the dropdown. Mouse-over the ignore list to get a tooltip with the ignore note.
Compare Tooltip

Instance Lock Compare

Sep 10, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
With World of Warcraft 4.0.1 and the Flexible Raid Lock System it is now possible to link Instance Locks directly from the RaidInfo window to chat. However when such a link is linked in guild or trade your own status for the instance is not readily available. Well... no more :D Instance Lock Compare ... will automatically search your saved instances and show a comparison ToolTip with your status for the instance linked. Instance comparison as easy as comparing items. Know instantly if you can...


Jan 15, 2015 Dridzt Release
LibBabble-Artifacts-3.0 A library to help with localization of Artifacts (Archaeology research projects) names. How to Use .pkgmeta and repository Libs/LibBabble-Artifacts-3.0: svn://svn.wowace.com/wow/libbabble-artifacts-3-0/mainline/trunk .toc Libs\LibBabble-Artifacts-3.0\lib.xml .lua local AF = LibStub("LibBabble-Artifacts-3.0"):GetLookupTable() print(AF["Skull Drinking Cup"]) -- prints "Trinkschädel" in deDE client For an example of an actual addon using LibBabble-Artifacts-3.0 and a...


Jan 15, 2015 Torhal Release
LibBabble-DigSites-3.0 Easily translate the dig site strings into all the locales. This won't return locations, distance, or anything else of the like, only the dig site names. How to Use: pkgmeta and Repository Libs/LibBabble-DigSites-3.0: svn://svn.wowace.com/wow/libbabble-digsites-3-0/mainline/trunk -- or wherever you wish to put it! MyAddon.toc Libs\LibBabble-DigSites-3.0\lib.xml MyAddon.lua local DS = LibStub("LibBabble-DigSites-3.0"):GetLookupTable() print(DS["Altar of Quetz'lun...


Jan 02, 2015 dlui Release
LibRareIds-1.0 returns a table of all rare/rare-elite NPCs in the game. It's a workaround for situations where you can't use UnitClassification (e.g. COMBAT_LOG_EVENT). LibRareIds-1.0 was inspired by LibBossIds-1.0 which is basically the same for dungeon and raid bosses. Let's find out if the mob with the id 10558 is a rare: print(LibStub("LibRareIds-1.0").Data[10558] ~= nil) -- true And this is how to retrieve the id from a GUID: local GUID = UnitGUID(unitID) local mobID =...