Sep 10, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
BossLogger Contrary to other popular combat logging addons BossLogger will not turn the combatlog on per zone. It will instead automatically log only encounters involving raid-level bosses keeping the combatlong trimmed and relevant for upload to online parsers like: World of Logs WoW Meters Online Wow Web Stats Usage Minimal configuration is done at the command-line: /bosslogger (/blg for shorthand)
BarrierText collage


Sep 10, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
Barrier Text A simple textual representation of the Warrior ability: Shield Barrier predicted absorb value before casting it, and optionally the remaining absorb amount until expiration after casting it. Features Show Shield Barrier predicted absorb before casting it as a free floating Text value. (green text) Optionally show actual and remaining absorb value after casting it. (orange text) Optionally show an estimate of actual damage absorbed after the barrier is consumed/fades. (white...


Sep 10, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
Simple, minimal addon to automatically switch the watched faction reputation bar to the most recent faction gain. AutoRepSwitch Automatically switch the rep bar to the most recent faction gained. No configuration, minimal footprint (2kb), install and forget. Works for all language clients with no need for localization. Will pick the correct faction regardless of collapsed/expanded state. Will respect your reputation window expanded/collapsed headers. Supports Guild Reputation.

Multishot (Screenshot)

Jul 30, 2013 dlui Inactive
Multishot Multishot is a tiny addon that automatically takes screenshots of memorable events in your World of Warcraft career. It's a photo diary of everything you come across in Azeroth, Outland and Northend. Features & screenshot possibilities level-ups and guild level-ups achievements and guild achievements reputation changes challenge mode medals battleground and arena wins trade window transactions any rare/rare-elite mob kills And most of all: boss killshots in dungeons and raids....


Jul 30, 2013 dlui Inactive
LibRareIds-1.0 returns a table of all rare/rare-elite NPCs in the game. It's a workaround for situations where you can't use UnitClassification (e.g. COMBAT_LOG_EVENT). LibRareIds-1.0 was inspired by LibBossIds-1.0 which is basically the same for dungeon and raid bosses. Let's find out if the mob with the id 10558 is a rare: print(LibStub("LibRareIds-1.0").Data[10558] ~= nil) -- true And this is how to retrieve the id from a GUID: tonumber("0x" .. string.sub(GUID, 6, 10)) -- was 7, 10 pre-5.1...
Default settings


May 23, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
Simple text diplays of health and power for you, your pet or vehicle, and your target. It also shows: Combat state Combo points on your target Target-of-target’s name Secondary power resources (Holy Power, etc.) Type “/osh” for options, or browse to the OnScreenHealth panel in the standard Interface Options window. Localization Compatible with English, Deutsch (deDE), Español (esES/esMX), Français (frFR), Italiano (itIT), Português (ptBR), Русский (ruRU), 한국어 (koKR), 简体中文 (zhCN), and 繁體中文...
oRA3 Skinned


May 23, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
oRA3_ElvUI is an ElvUI skin for oRA3 (Raid Utility Addon). Features The main window as well as the readycheck window (if enabled) of oRA3 are skinned to match ElvUI's theme. Both ElvUI and oRA3 need to be installed, this is just an appearance modification :) Compatibility v1.0 has been tested with ElvUI 5.99 and oRA3 r594 for WoW 5.2.0 Installation / Usage Just extract to your addons folder, nothing further needed.
/prof output (localized)


Mar 14, 2013 Ackis Mature
This tiny addon tracks your progress in archaeology, so you can easily find out what you're missing from "Diggerest" and "It Belongs in a Museum!" achievements. Usage: Type /prof New in Professor 0.3: Lists of every artifact per race. Usage: /prof detailed RACEID e.g. "/prof detailed 1" for Dwarves. Race ids: Dwarves Draenei Fossils Night Elves Nerubians Orcs Tol'Vir Trolls Vrykul
monitor received loot


Feb 06, 2013 Xuerian Inactive
Please use http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/xloot - Monitor is included in the package, and this is no longer maintained.
master looter dropdown: random/roll assign


Feb 06, 2013 Xuerian Inactive
Please use http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/xloot - Master is included in the package, and this is no longer maintained.
Using Smooth skin

XLoot 1.0

Feb 06, 2013 Xuerian Inactive
Please use http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/xloot - XLoot 1.0 (XLoot Frame) is included in the package, and this is no longer maintained. A customizable loot frame Providing a large array of options to change how loot is presented, as well as allowing you to use Masque or ButtonFacade Skins, XLoot's job is to make looting more functional while still having a better form. Options GUI available under Interface->Addons or /xloot Auto-looting of quest items and coins has been disabled by default...


Dec 02, 2012 egingell Release
Description A bar, similar to AutoBar, with all your professions and their helper abilities. See "Current Built-In Spell List" below for what shows up on the bar. Having Issues or have a Suggestion? Please don't use the comments to post trouble tickets or suggestions. Instead post a ticket on CurseForge. Thanks. Any comments containing bug reports or feature requests will be deleted on sight and any comments asking where or why (referring to said comments) will also be deleted on sight. Known...


Oct 27, 2012 Xuerian Inactive
Utility libraries for XLoot addons. Please ping Xuerian before committing changes. Feel free to use.
New Group frames with roll buttons


Oct 07, 2012 Xuerian Inactive
Please use http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/xloot - Group is included in the package, and this is no longer maintained. Smooth "Group Loot" roll frames Options not featured in screenshot: Show time remaining on roll (Shown over icon) Show winning roll type icon (Need, greed, etc) Show undecided players When to track rolls you have decided on (Always, when rolling, never, by quality) Anchor direction (Up or down) Skins (Choose skin in XLoot 1.0, compatible with Masque skins) Frame scale, width,...