Load on Demand Quiz

TriviaBot Quiz Timeless

Nov 26, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
REQUIRES TriviaBot v2.8.0 or later to function. Load on Demand Quiz for TriviaBot with the A Timeless Question set. "Timeless Questions" (38 questions) Quiz Author Blizzard (Dridzt for the conversion ;-) )

Priority Target

Nov 23, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
How does it work? What does it do? prioTarget can hold a list of targets ordered in priority from most important to least important. Once such a list is loaded you can use it to target switch very easily. It is mainly intended as a damage dealer assistant on fights with complex dps priority requirements. (typically add fights: Galakras, Nazgrim, Spoils, Paragons of the Klaxxi to mention some t16 examples) How do I use it? When first extracted in your AddOns folder and after logging into the...
A random doodle


Nov 14, 2013 Humbedooh Inactive
Doodlepad is a whiteboard addon for drawing doodles on your screen for use with explaining fight strategies, making commentary about videos or just doodling. Doodles can be shared across a party, raid or guild scope in real-time. Features Draw images, strategic maps or just doodles using vector graphics Add text, rectangles, circles and raid icons to your drawings Seamless resizing of any doodle, old or new. Custom colors for everything! Optional instance map overlays for explaining raid...

Healer Meta Alert

Nov 08, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
HealerMetaAlert came about at the request of a guild member. When the Courageous Primal Diamond procs for 4seconds of mana-free casting this little addon ... will print an alert on the raidwarning frame (visible only to the player not an actual raid announcement) will play a clear-casting sound (on the SFX channel so you can disable it if you like to play with sounds off) will show a Spell Activation Alert in the middle of the screen (if you have "Show Spell Alerts" enabled from game options)...
doing it wrong

Blessed Silence

Nov 01, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
Original title: JustShutUp After spending a couple days in Proving Grounds collecting the relevant achievements the NPCs constant chatter gets tiresome and annoying. In the end I realized I couldn't stomach it any longer if I was going to visit again on alts. Hence Blessed Silence was born. It will filter out their yells both from the chatframe as well as the boss-emote frame. It will instead print a single line on the chat frame with the current wave you're on so you can easier monitor your...
Learns from mistakes ;)

Timeless Memory Helper

Nov 01, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
Timeless Memory Helper... takes a more *playful* approach to assisting with A Timeless Question daily quest by giving visual hints on the gossip dialog. (*) Instead of keeping a database of answers and automating the turn-in it will: Start ignorant (like most of us) Learn from your incorrect answers (and mark them wrong for future encounters of the same question) Remember your correct answers (and share them with your alts) There are probably other addons that start with a pre-populated...


Oct 31, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
Description I often miss guild and party messages popping up on my screen since they don't make a sound. I figured I'd make a mod to solve the problem. :) Features Can play new sounds for Whispers Guild Officer Party and Party Leader Raid and Raid Leader Battlegrounds and BG Leader Custom player joined channels Force Whisper sounds for every whisper. Blacklist specific custom channels (for example hidden channels joined by addons) Allows users to /r after sending a whisper without getting a...
ElvUI Openables Button


Oct 07, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
With Openables you get a button appearing automagically when you loot any container. Left-Click on the button loots the container and loads the next one until all containers in your inventory have been opened. Features Apart from all the generic containers (boxes, lockboxes, satchels, giftwraps etc) special containers are also supported Clams Geodes Tome of Valor (never again lose valor because you already have a unique container in your bags) Valorous Commendations ... and many more...
Fragile3 message


Sep 11, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
Fragile3 An aggro warning system for parties and raids. Fragile will provide various alerts when other party or raid members overaggro the tank as well as alerts when you overaggro. Primarily aimed at heightening the awareness of the party/raid tank but useful for healers to see where damage is going next and dps as an overaggro alert. Features Configurable Sound Alerts. Combat text Alerts. PartyFrame Flashing (Blizzard frames only). Role aware: Player as well as other party/raid members...
WoWVid screen


Sep 11, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
WoWVid WoWVid (WoW Video) allows the user to watch movies inside WoW while doing dailies or grinding. (originally by Norpse) How does it work WoWVid creates a texture that when properly configured, allows media playing in the background to project inside WoW. It is a pure lua addon, no executables. You will however need an external player of your choice that is capable of playing video in Overlay mode. Most popular media players (and several freeware ones) support this mode of operation....
Last Fight Report

Vengeance Status

Sep 11, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
Vengeance Status will show a status bar that fills as the tank gains Attack Power from Vengeance Upon exiting combat the status bar tooltip will update with relevant statistics from the last fight: Max Attack Power Gained from Vengeance during the fight. Max percent of the vengeance AP cap reached. Average AP gained for the fight. Vengeance uptime / combat time. Uptime percent. Configuration (command-line only at the moment) /vgs or /vengeancestatus (will report current settings and remind...
TinyMainbarInfo statistics


Sep 10, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
TinyMainbarInfo will put the mainmenu bar to use by overlaying interesting info when it is not in use. As soon as the mouse moves over it the default micro-buttons re-appear. Cataclysm, and WotLK compatible. TinyMainbarInfo Shows: Session Playtime with player status indicator (away, busy, available) Player Coordinates Latency Money Lowest Durability Blizzard Average Item Level / (equipped only itemlevel color coded by quality) Frames per Second Memory used by the Lua environment (addons)...


Sep 10, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
Description TalentSwap scans your actionbars and macros for removed skills after changing talents. If it finds any it replaces them (out of combat) with the newly selected talent from that tier (if an active skill). Author Comment I was recently looking for an addon with this functionality because I got tired of dragging skills to my actionbars from the spellbook and editing macros (or writing convoluted ones) every time I swapped a talent for a specific encounter. I found a few; but either...
Skill Level Spellbook

Skill Level

Sep 10, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
Credits: Gearshaft (original concept) Attention Version 2.0 is a complete re-write, it's recommended to remove the previous version folder before updating. A full exit of the game client (or updating before starting the game) is also required as the file structure has changed. Skill Level Adds player level equivalent next to the profession skill. The change is mostly cosmetic but it has some practical application. For gathering professions this is the equivalent zone level where the player is...
radial menu

Simple Raid Target Icons

Sep 10, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
Credits: Brodrick (authoring SRTI until WoW 3.0), Qzot (original concept) Description: Simple Raid Target Icons (SRTI for short) allows the player to quickly mark raid targets by performing modified clicks or pressing keybind, on the 3D models in the game world. Features: Shows a radial menu on Single click with configurable modifier (alt, ctrl, shift). Double-click with configurable speed threshold. Keybind to show the radial menu. Preview frame to test the settings. Keybind to apply mark on...

Pull Countdown

Sep 10, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
"Pulling Hogger in 3.." "2.." "1.." "GO!" Simple, standalone addon to aid in creating a pull countdown announce. Features Automatic selection of the appropriate output: /rw if in raid and leader or assistant /ra if in raid /p if in party /s if solo Target included if exists. Can abort a pull in progress. New* Customizable pull messages. How to Use Short help and output customization options can be found in Blizzard's Game Menu -> Interface -> AddOns -> PullCountdown including a convenient...

ML Loot Announce

Sep 10, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
ML Loot Announce does one thing and one thing only. It will automatically announce the loot to the highest available channel that supports itemlinks* when a master looter opens a chest, or loots a boss. This is mainly to facilitate the rest of the group quickly decide whether they would like to bonus roll or not, especially any members that are dead / otherwise encumbered from checking the drops. I am aware there are a few loot addons that provide this functionality but they also do much...
Blizzard Lose Control Options

LoseControl Options Fix

Sep 10, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
LoseControl Options Fix has been re-purposed(*) for WoW 5.2.0 and later. It currently adds more user control to the built-in Loss of Control Alerts Option to Unlock and Move / Scale the Loss of Control Screen Alert. Option to configure Screen Alerts and Actionbar Alerts separately. Option to remove decorations from Screen Alert (background and / or glow). Option to announce to chat in addition to screen alert. (This was originally intended as a quick fix for a Blizzard bug: "Not disabling the...
LineSplit example


Sep 10, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
LineSplit makes it possible to submit multi-line messages in multiple channels. Usage Typing out a \n (newline character) in-line makes the following part of the message go out in a separate line when you hit Enter. Typing out a channel command in-line can also make the following part of the message go out in a different channel. Both functions can be combined in a single line (look at Examples section) This also works from macros. Installation You only need to extract the addon to your...
Compare Tooltip

Instance Lock Compare

Sep 10, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
With World of Warcraft 4.0.1 and the Flexible Raid Lock System it is now possible to link Instance Locks directly from the RaidInfo window to chat. However when such a link is linked in guild or trade your own status for the instance is not readily available. Well... no more :D Instance Lock Compare ... will automatically search your saved instances and show a comparison ToolTip with your status for the instance linked. Instance comparison as easy as comparing items. Know instantly if you can...