Dec 02, 2012 egingell Inactive
Description A bar, similar to AutoBar, with all your professions and their helper abilities. See "Current Built-In Spell List" below for what shows up on the bar. Having Issues or have a Suggestion? Please don't use the comments to post trouble tickets or suggestions. Instead post a ticket on CurseForge. Thanks. Any comments containing bug reports or feature requests will be deleted on sight and any comments asking where or why (referring to said comments) will also be deleted on sight. Known...
TriviaBot control panel 2.8.4


Apr 10, 2015 Ziz Mature
LOOKING FOR A DEVELOPER We are currently looking for a new developer for Triviabot. Interested in maintaining and adding new features to our beloved quiz addon? Send a private message to ziz at Curse. Thanks. Purpose The quiz addon we love is back! TriviaBot allows the user to host quiz games for other players. Spamming it in /say in crowded places or /general is not a good idea, but Blizzard's spam prevention makes it alot harder to abuse it that way currently. It's a nice and safe pass-time...