ElvUI Openables Button


Oct 07, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
With Openables you get a button appearing automagically when you loot any container. Left-Click on the button loots the container and loads the next one until all containers in your inventory have been opened. Features Apart from all the generic containers (boxes, lockboxes, satchels, giftwraps etc) special containers are also supported Clams Geodes Tome of Valor (never again lose valor because you already have a unique container in your bags) Valorous Commendations ... and many more...
Default settings


May 23, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
Simple text diplays of health and power for you, your pet or vehicle, and your target. It also shows: Combat state Combo points on your target Target-of-target’s name Secondary power resources (Holy Power, etc.) Type “/osh” for options, or browse to the OnScreenHealth panel in the standard Interface Options window. Localization Compatible with English, Deutsch (deDE), Español (esES/esMX), Français (frFR), Italiano (itIT), Português (ptBR), Русский (ruRU), 한국어 (koKR), 简体中文 (zhCN), and 繁體中文...
oRA3 Skinned


May 23, 2013 Dridzt Inactive
oRA3_ElvUI is an ElvUI skin for oRA3 (Raid Utility Addon). Features The main window as well as the readycheck window (if enabled) of oRA3 are skinned to match ElvUI's theme. Both ElvUI and oRA3 need to be installed, this is just an appearance modification :) Compatibility v1.0 has been tested with ElvUI 5.99 and oRA3 r594 for WoW 5.2.0 Installation / Usage Just extract to your addons folder, nothing further needed.