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Jan 18, 2014 Dreyle Release
Whisp by Anea Makes chatting fun again! Ever lost track of the dozen conversations you were having simultaniously? Ever found out you missed important tells that you got mid fight? Ever wanted to know what person X was saying to you an hour ago? Then Whisp is just the thing for you! Whisp keeps track of your recent conversations and displays them in a pane above the chatbox when you reply. Whisp also comes with a LibDataBroker (LDB) plugin or Mini-map button that allows you to quickly review...
The calculator in action.

ConsoleCalc - Calculator

Mar 06, 2013 Dreyle Release
Sick of all those calculators with an UI? This addon adds simple calculator functionality to the console, nifty for people who don't have a calculator nearby and don't want to use bulky addons. So, if you want to calculate how much each prospect of a full stack of 47.7g worth of ore would cost, just type: /ca 47.7/4 Usage: /ca [expression] : Calculates expression (ie. 4+2) and returns the result. If the expression has no leading number (ie +2), it performs the operation on the previous...

Dalaran University

Dec 19, 2011 EmForAce Inactive
Intro This is an add-on I put together while trying for the Higher Learning achievement in Dalaran. It's designed to facilitate easier communication of book spawns so that everyone looking for books can work together. Since the focus of this mod is to enable ease of communication between other users of the mod to keep track of books, the more people that use this mod the better it is for everyone else. So if your server has a channel dedicated to hunting the book spawns, spread the word! List...


Dec 07, 2011 EmForAce Inactive
Intro Tired of updating a macro for posting book spawn timers for the Higher Learning achievement? HigherLearning simplifies the process of updating and announcing timers for the spawning of those oh-so-annoying books! Sugested Sugested 2nd addon and more information for this Achievement : Dalaran University List of commands For a list of commands in game, type /hl help /du show : shows DalaranUniversity frame (when installed) /hl toggle : Toggle display of the HigherLearning timer frame /hl...