5.3 - Skin examples

DsGraphics Sunn Viewport Skins

Feb 23, 2015 Draebersneglen Release
Got tired of looking at the boring artwork in Sunn?! This is the package for you then!! A large bundle of skins for the viewport, that will give your warcraft such a nice look you will catch yourselv wiping in naxx for the fact that half the raid is staring at artwork!! ....or not! WARNING** Can contain adult images - if you have a problem with nudity, or are under the age of 18, do not download this THANKS TO: Curseforge.com All thanks of course go to the creators of Sunn - Viewport! This...
randomfacts version 1.1.5


Aug 12, 2014 Draebersneglen Release
Welcome to randomfacts - The conversation starter! - Ever tried to sit and grind for hours, with nothin to talk about in gchat / partychat, and so on? - Ever been wiping for hours in a raid, again with the conversation totally dying out? well.. That´s history with this addon.. All you gotta do is type /randomfact and a random fact will pop up in your chat. GREAT for conversation starters!! Randomfacts now includes up to a thousand facts, for your conversational needs Not all facts are true...