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Class Combo Points

Jan 20, 2012 Dajova Inactive
This is a class styled combopoint addon. This mod doesn't only display combopoints for Druids and Rogues, but for other classes as well. In other words, it fakes combopoints. Currently Supported Classes: * Shaman (Maelstrom Weapon) / (Tidal Waves) / (Fulmination) * Mage (Arcane Blast) / (Fingers of Frost) * Priest (Evangelism) / (Serendipity) / (Shadow Orb) * Paladin (Holy Power) * Warrior (Thunderstruck) / (Meat Cleaver) / (Slaughter) * Warlock (Soul Shards) * Hunter (Frenzy Effect) /...
Actual Damage Font


Jun 29, 2011 Dajova Inactive
This is a VERY simple mod. All it does is replacing the old, ugly damage font with a new, slick one. Nothing more, nothing less. This mod changed both the OUTGOING and INCOMING font, so DOUBLE PLEASURE! This damage font is already a part of my original UI posted here, but people have been asking for a standalone mod for this, so... enjoy :)