Jun 07, 2014 Timroden Release
Description This plugin allows you to edit signs while they are still on block/wall they were placed on. Features Logging.. Every edit made to a sign is logged in either console or a separate log file. Colours! See the Colours With SignEdit page As an added bonus, SignEdit will parse colours when you place a sign. SignEdit throws a SignChangeEvent with every edit. This means that if a player is trying to make a sign that they don't have permission to create, they can't! This is compatible...
Lifestone device


Jun 07, 2014 Cyprias Release
Lifestones are stationary devices that players can attune to. When they die they are resurrected at the last lifestone they used. Synopsis An admin can create lifestones throughout their server. A player punches a button to attune to the lifestone. Upon death or /command, the user will return to their last used lifestone. Users can then choose, build and decorate their own respawn area. Lifestones can also serve as save points in adventure/event worlds Requirements Java 6+ A permissions...


Jun 07, 2014 Cyprias Release
Synopsis ChunkSpawnerLimiter limits the number of mobs a chunk can spawn. Functionality Limit the number of mobs in chunks. Limit specific mobs (zombie, spider) or groups (monster, animal). Cull on chunk load. Cull on chunk unload. Periodic chunk culling. Check Surrounding chunks for mobs. Permissions and Commands None Configuration properties debug-messages: Show debug messages in console. use-metrics: Let the developer know how popular the plugin is. check-chunk-load: Check chunk upon load....


Jun 05, 2014 Cyprias Release
Synopsis Prevent non players (mobs, floating items) from transporting cross world using nether/ender portals. On my server, I have a creative world and a survival world. Players figured out if they dropped items into an ender portal in the creative world, it'd appear in the survival ender world. This fixed that. Be sure to subscribe to file updates. Features Prevent players from dropping items or mobs into portals to move items cross worlds. Requirements Java 6+ Setup Add the...
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Mar 01, 2014 attrib Release
RepairRecipe This Plugin allows you to repair armour/weapons/tools with the base item needed to craft the item and keep the enchantments. Repair costs depend on damage of the item, amount of base items needed to craft the item and the level of the enchantments. To repair an item, drop the item and the base item into the workbench. The result is the repaired item with enchantments. And almost everything is configurable! No special block or construction needed. Just use the workbench to repair...


Nov 20, 2012 facecardz Release
RadioStone Transmitters Overview RadioStone is a basic redstone transmitter. Designed to look vanilla to Minecraft, it supports up to 15 different non-interfering channels. A channel is defined using wool. Each color of wool is a separate channel. When a transmitter receives redstone power, it will flip all receivers within range that use the same wool color. For example: A RED transmitter is powered by redstone, it will then find all red receivers within the specified radius and toggle them....


May 21, 2012 Cyprias Release
Synopsis EnchantNotifier notifies players when someone enchants an item. Features When someone enchants an item, EN will notify all players with a permission node that someone has enchanted an item. Hooks into mChat chat suite for chat prefixies. Commands None Permissions enchantnotifier.notify: Notifies anyone with that permission when an enchant happens. Configuration Two options in the plugin's config.yml file. No commands available for in game configuration. stEnchantMessage: The message...


Apr 05, 2013 Cyprias Inactive
Synopsis InvisibilityViewer allows players to see invisible (potion) entities. Latest version: 0.4.0 Features Allows players to see entities affected by invisibility potion. Allows players to toggle being able to see invisible entities. Allows players to see invisible entities based on proximity. Requirements Java 6+ A permissions plugin. ProtocolLib Setup Add the ProtocolLib plugin to your server. Add the InvisibilityViewer.jar to your server. Add the IV permission nodes to your player...


Feb 16, 2013 Cyprias Inactive
Synopsis ExchangeMarket allows players create buy and sell orders for other players to fulfill. Latest version: 1.9.0 ExchangeMarket is looking for developers to take over the project. PM me if you're interested. Features Creation of buy and sell orders which other players can fulfill. Optional creation of infinite buy and sell orders allowing injection of money/items into the economy. Buy command selects from the lowest sell orders available. Sell command selects from the highest buy orders...


Oct 23, 2012 Cyprias Inactive
Synopsis EnchantedXP makes enchanting less wasteful at higher levels. Functionality When a player enchants an item, eXP takes the level cost of that enchant, converts it to XP then subtracts that XP amount from the player's total XP. So a level 50 (4625xp) player doing a level 25 (1219xp) enchant will leave him at level 42 (3406xp). Permissions and Commands None Configuration checkNewVersionOnStartup: Check to see if there's a new version on startup. Other info eXP's source code is available...


Jul 12, 2012 Cyprias Inactive
Synopsis SpawnerDistanceRestricter limits how close dungeon spawners can be placed to one another, for servers that employ silk touching mob spawner plugins. Functionality When a dugeon spawner is placed on the ground, SDR will check the surrounding blocks within the specified distance and cancel the block placement if it's too close to another spawner. Permissions and Commands spawnerdistancerestricter.exempt: Exempt someone from having their placement restricted. Configuration...


May 30, 2012 Cyprias Inactive
RailXP Synopsis RailXP grants and taxes experience points whenever railway tracks are placed at specific heights. Functionality When a player placed a railway track at a specific height, RailXP will grant or tax their exp depending on the height placed. If a player doesn't have enough exp to tax, it'll block the track placement. When a player breaks a railway track at a specific height, RailXP will refund their exp points. Permissions railxp.exempt: Players are exempt from rail tax/grants....
Search command


Jun 15, 2014 Cyprias Beta
Synopsis Create and restore snapshots of player dat files containing their gear, inventory, enderchest, level and location. Be sure to subscribe to file updates. Features Take snapshot upon player entering a world. Take snapshot upon player leaving a world. Take snapshot upon player death. Take periodic snapshots at set intervals. Take manual snapshops of player's dat files. Restore snapshot via command, takes effect upon log off. Automatic culling of old snapshots. Supports UUID dat files....


Jun 10, 2014 Cyprias Beta
ChestShopFinder tracks ChestShops and lets players search for nearby shops to sell/buy items. Be sure to subscribe to file updates. Features Search command to show all shops nearby trading a item. Buy command listing nearby shops selling an item, sorted cheapest first. Only shops with stock included. Sell command listing nearby shops buying an item, sorted highest first. Look command pointing the player in the direction of a shop. Requirements Java 6+ A permissions plugin. ChestShop 3.5+...


Jun 10, 2014 Cyprias Beta
With mobs being able to loot items, if the chunk unloads the hostile mob along with the captured loot vanishes from memory. DeathChunkAnchor keeps the chunk loaded allowing some time for the player to return and slay any mobs that have stolen their items. Be sure to subscribe to file updates. Features Keep chunks with recent deaths loaded. Keep surrounding chunks loaded. Set how long the keep a chunk loaded for. Requirements Java 6+ Optional A permissions plugin. Setup Add the...


Jun 07, 2014 Cyprias Beta
AdminNotes allows admins to keep notes on players. Features Create notes on players. List and search notes by player, writer or keyword. Toggle notify flag on individual notes to notify admins upon player's login. Auto notes, automatically write notes upon commands used (mute, kick, ban, ect). Requirements Java 6+ Optional MySQL A permissions plugin. Setup Add the AdminNotes.jar to your server. Start the server. Add AdminNotes' permissions to your permission plugin. Enjoy Commands /notes:...


Jun 07, 2014 Cyprias Beta
Synopsis If a player finds themselves trapped in a barricaded nether portal, NPR will teleport them away. Be sure to subscribe to file updates. Latest version: 1.1.0. Features Teleport a player to spawn if they login while inside a portal block. Upon using a portal, check up on them in 10 seconds to see if they're still inside a portal block. Return them though the portal if so. Requirements Java 6+ Setup Add the NetherPortalRescue.jar to your server's plugins folder. Start server Enjoy...


Jun 07, 2014 Cyprias Beta
Synopsis Alert admins when specific commands are used. Be sure to subscribe to file updates. Features World specific alerts Regex compatible. Create multiple categories of command alerts. Assign alerts using permissions. Include the world and coordinates the command was used at. Detects Essentials' PowerTool command usage. Requirements Java 6+ A permissions plugin. Setup Add the CommandUsed.jar to your server's plugins folder. Start server to generate config. Modify config as you see fit....


Jun 07, 2014 Cyprias Beta
Dynamically adjust drop rates based on how frequently a mob type (zombie, spider, ect) is killed compared to other mob types on the server. For every point a mob's drop rate falls, another mob's rate goes up to compensate. This gradual effect results in diminishing returns on heavily farmed mobs and encourages players to hunt less popular mobs. Features When a mob is killed, their drop rate is reduced. A random mob's drop rate is increased to compensate. The sum drop rate of all mob stays at...


Jun 02, 2014 Cyprias Beta
WorldHardcoreToggle toggles the 'hardcore' setting in a world's level.dat file. This resolves an issue where a world was generated with hardcore enabled in the, but now the owner no longer wants hardcore enabled in the world. Commands /wht <worldName> Permissions wht.admin Configuration None Usage Put WorldHardcoreToggle.jar into your plugins directory. Start the server and type /wht world, a new level.dat.hardcore_false file will be created in the world's folder. Stop the...