Jun 05, 2014 Cyprias Release
Synopsis Prevent non players (mobs, floating items) from transporting cross world using nether/ender portals. On my server, I have a creative world and a survival world. Players figured out if they dropped items into an ender portal in the creative world, it'd appear in the survival ender world. This fixed that. Be sure to subscribe to file updates. Features Prevent players from dropping items or mobs into portals to move items cross worlds. Requirements Java 6+ Setup Add the...
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Mar 01, 2014 attrib Release
RepairRecipe This Plugin allows you to repair armour/weapons/tools with the base item needed to craft the item and keep the enchantments. Repair costs depend on damage of the item, amount of base items needed to craft the item and the level of the enchantments. To repair an item, drop the item and the base item into the workbench. The result is the repaired item with enchantments. And almost everything is configurable! No special block or construction needed. Just use the workbench to repair...


Nov 20, 2012 facecardz Release
RadioStone Transmitters Overview RadioStone is a basic redstone transmitter. Designed to look vanilla to Minecraft, it supports up to 15 different non-interfering channels. A channel is defined using wool. Each color of wool is a separate channel. When a transmitter receives redstone power, it will flip all receivers within range that use the same wool color. For example: A RED transmitter is powered by redstone, it will then find all red receivers within the specified radius and toggle them....


May 21, 2012 Cyprias Release
Synopsis EnchantNotifier notifies players when someone enchants an item. Features When someone enchants an item, EN will notify all players with a permission node that someone has enchanted an item. Hooks into mChat chat suite for chat prefixies. Commands None Permissions enchantnotifier.notify: Notifies anyone with that permission when an enchant happens. Configuration Two options in the plugin's config.yml file. No commands available for in game configuration. stEnchantMessage: The message...