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Mar 01, 2014 attrib Release
RepairRecipe This Plugin allows you to repair armour/weapons/tools with the base item needed to craft the item and keep the enchantments. Repair costs depend on damage of the item, amount of base items needed to craft the item and the level of the enchantments. To repair an item, drop the item and the base item into the workbench. The result is the repaired item with enchantments. And almost everything is configurable! No special block or construction needed. Just use the workbench to repair...


Mar 20, 2014 Timroden Release
Current Version: 3.3.5 Description This plugin allows you to edit signs while they are still on block/wall they were placed on. Features Logging.. Every edit made to a sign is logged in either console or a separate log file. Colours! See the Colours With SignEdit page As an added bonus, SignEdit will parse colours when you place a sign. SignEdit throws a SignChangeEvent with every edit. This means that if a player is trying to make a sign that they don't have permission to create, they can't!...


Mar 24, 2014 Cyprias Release
Synopsis ChunkSpawnerLimiter limits the number of mobs a chunk can spawn. Functionality Limit the number of mobs in chunks. Limit specific mobs (zombie, spider) or groups (monster, animal). Cull on chunk load. Cull on chunk onload. Periodic chunk culling. Check Surrounding chunks for mobs. Permissions and Commands None Configuration properties debug-messages: Show debug messages in console. use-metrics: Let the developer know how popular the plugin is. check-chunk-load: Check chunk upon load....