Jul 04, 2012 Cyprias Beta
Synopsis Monarchy features a unique allegiance and fealty system that creates formal links between players. In this system, a vassal swears allegiance to a patron. The patron then acts as a protector, item giver, knowledge guide and general leader. The reward for being a patron is a percentage of bonus experience based on what the vassal makes. Patrons can have unlimited vassals while vassals can only have one patron. In this structure, the top player in the pyramid is considered the monarch...


May 30, 2012 Cyprias Inactive
RailXP Synopsis RailXP grants and taxes experience points whenever railway tracks are placed at specific heights. Functionality When a player placed a railway track at a specific height, RailXP will grant or tax their exp depending on the height placed. If a player doesn't have enough exp to tax, it'll block the track placement. When a player breaks a railway track at a specific height, RailXP will refund their exp points. Permissions railxp.exempt: Players are exempt from rail tax/grants....


May 21, 2012 Cyprias Beta
Synopsis OpAlert notifies players when a Op logs in without a specific permission node. The idea being if someone sneaks onto your server with Op status but not be in the proper 'admin' permission's group, anyone in that admin group will be immediately alerted to the new person's presence. The player logging in does not receive the alert. Features When a player logs into the server without a specific permission node, everyone with that permission node will be alerted. Hooks into mChat chat...


May 21, 2012 Cyprias Release
Synopsis EnchantNotifier notifies players when someone enchants an item. Features When someone enchants an item, EN will notify all players with a permission node that someone has enchanted an item. Hooks into mChat chat suite for chat prefixies. Commands None Permissions enchantnotifier.notify: Notifies anyone with that permission when an enchant happens. Configuration Two options in the plugin's config.yml file. No commands available for in game configuration. stEnchantMessage: The message...