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Jul 11, 2013 Cyprias Beta
Synopsis EggBreeding drops monster eggs at the location of breeding mobs. Be sure to subscribe to file updates. Features Drop monster eggs at the location of breeding mobs instead of a baby. World whitelist to only affect certain worlds. Percentage chance, to only drop eggs a percentage of the time. Mob blacklist to exclude specific mobs from dropping eggs. Only drop an egg if a player's nearby. Announce an egg drop to nearby players. Requirements Java 6+ Setup Add the EggBreeding.jar to your...


Feb 16, 2013 Cyprias Inactive
Synopsis ExchangeMarket allows players create buy and sell orders for other players to fulfill. Latest version: 1.9.0 ExchangeMarket is looking for developers to take over the project. PM me if you're interested. Features Creation of buy and sell orders which other players can fulfill. Optional creation of infinite buy and sell orders allowing injection of money/items into the economy. Buy command selects from the lowest sell orders available. Sell command selects from the highest buy orders...


Oct 23, 2012 Cyprias Inactive
Synopsis EnchantedXP makes enchanting less wasteful at higher levels. Functionality When a player enchants an item, eXP takes the level cost of that enchant, converts it to XP then subtracts that XP amount from the player's total XP. So a level 50 (4625xp) player doing a level 25 (1219xp) enchant will leave him at level 42 (3406xp). Permissions and Commands None Configuration checkNewVersionOnStartup: Check to see if there's a new version on startup. Other info eXP's source code is available...


May 21, 2012 Cyprias Release
Synopsis EnchantNotifier notifies players when someone enchants an item. Features When someone enchants an item, EN will notify all players with a permission node that someone has enchanted an item. Hooks into mChat chat suite for chat prefixies. Commands None Permissions enchantnotifier.notify: Notifies anyone with that permission when an enchant happens. Configuration Two options in the plugin's config.yml file. No commands available for in game configuration. stEnchantMessage: The message...
  • 4 bukkit plugins found