NinjaPanel showing some basic LDB plugins


Oct 05, 2012 Cladhaire Inactive
What is NinjaPanel? NinjaPanel is a simple, easy-to-configure display for LDB data objects. If you're not familiar with LDB, it's a simple standard that addon authors can use to provide information to other addons without needing to write any code specifically for them. This is helping to break the fubar/titan stronghold by providing a standard flexible enough to let any addon display the information. Okay, so what does it do? NinjaPanel will display any LDB plugins you have installed....
WowLua scripting environment


Nov 30, 2011 Cladhaire Inactive
WowLua is an in-game Lua scripting environment that includes an interactive Lua interpreter as well as a multi-page script editor. Other features include: Syntax coloring, courtesy of krka's spectacular For All Indents and Purposes library Sleek buttons, courtesy of Mikk When WowLua is running code, it defines a global function print() which directs output to the WowLua window, for convenience. This global is removed when not running from WowLua Can run WowLua pages from the commandline using...


Apr 25, 2011 Cladhaire Inactive
This addon will make noises when you mouseover Brightly Colored Eggs in the game world, so you know you've found one. The random noises can be disabled by running: /run HandyEggDB.random = false And re-enabled with /run HandyEggDB.random = true The UI notifications can be disabled in the same way: /run HandyEggDB.warn = false
Warrior tooltip


Mar 08, 2011 Cladhaire Inactive
This addon adds stat weight calculations to item tooltips, based on the stat weights provided by This allows you, for any given spec, to compare two items to see which one is 'better' for your character. Currently these stats make no adjustments for reforging or sockets, so you'l need to make those comparisons yourself, although it's possibly that we can automate this in the future.
Captains Log!


Jan 13, 2011 Cladhaire Inactive
Captain's Log is a small LDB feed that stores the messages you receive over the various communications channels (whisper, party, guild, raid,, etc.). Currently 10 messages are stored per medium, and these are displayed in the tooltip you receive when mousing over the plugin on your LDB display. This addon requires a LDB display addon in order to be displayed. Right now I don't have many more plans for this as I'm quite happy with where its ended up.


Aug 27, 2012 Kaelten Mature
LibStub is a minimalistic versioning library that allows other libraries to easily register themselves and upgrade. It is meant to be a cross-community library sharing system. LibStub is hereby placed in the Public Domain Credits: Kaelten, Cladhaire, ckknight, Mikk, Ammo, Nevcairiel, joshborke LibStub-1.0 API :GetLibrary(major [, silent]) Returns The table instance of a registered library or nil if not found and the minor version of the library as the second return value. Arguments major The...
AddonLoader Config


Nov 01, 2013 Ammo Release
AddonLoader is an addon that loads other addons automatically, as and when they are needed, which speeds up the logon process. Note that addons need to be aware of AddonLoader for this to work; if you see "X-LoadOn-..." tags in their .toc files, they are! Documentation: See
Clique binding configuration


Sep 12, 2013 Cladhaire Release
Clique is a simple addon that enables powerful click-casting and hover-casting on your unit frames and in the 3D game world. You can bind virtually any mouse or keyboard combination to a spell or macro. In it's normal configuration this enables you to use the bindings over your unit frames in order to cast spells directly on that unit. This allows you to more quickly select both the spell to cast, and the target of the spell without requiring an extra click. Bugs and Support (PLEASE READ)...
TomTom's "Crazy Arrow"


Sep 12, 2013 Cladhaire Release
TomTom is your personal navigation assistant in World of Warcraft. This addon is very simple, but provides a nice set of functionality. Thanks to Esamynn for Astrolabe, which does the bulk of the work in this addon. Bugs and Support (PLEASE READ) Unfortunately I have been forced to disable user comments on For some absurd reason the site has stopped sending me emails when you guys post a new comment, making me completely unable to provide support via this means. I am still happy to...
OhSnap: Anchor visible

OhSnap v1.2

Dec 25, 2012 Mikma Release
OhSnap is an addon that will help you to improve your PvP awareness in arenas and in battlegrounds. If you think the addon is missing important spells and buffs of 5.1, please let me know in comment section! Thank you! It has 4 priority settings, going from high (1) to low (4): Spell alerts, Huge font: Polymorphs, Cyclone, Roots.. Annoying buffs, Large font: Divine Shield, Ice Block, Resting.. Noticeable buffs, Normal font: Evocation, Lichborne.. Profitable debuffs, Small font: Hypothermia,...
TomTomLite arrow


Nov 28, 2012 Cladhaire Release
TomTomLite is a lighter version of TomTom that provides some of the same features with no backwards compatibility. Redesigned from the ground up to work better with WoW's mapping API, this will enable me to make changes and add features more rapidly. Currently the addon displays three types of waypoints: quest objectives and turn-ins, corpse location, and archaeology dig sites. For quest objectives, the top-most objective in your tracker that is in your current zone will be displayed. You can...