WowLua scripting environment


Nov 30, 2011 Cladhaire Inactive
WowLua is an in-game Lua scripting environment that includes an interactive Lua interpreter as well as a multi-page script editor. Other features include: Syntax coloring, courtesy of krka's spectacular For All Indents and Purposes library Sleek buttons, courtesy of Mikk When WowLua is running code, it defines a global function print() which directs output to the WowLua window, for convenience. This global is removed when not running from WowLua Can run WowLua pages from the commandline using...
Warrior tooltip


Mar 08, 2011 Cladhaire Inactive
This addon adds stat weight calculations to item tooltips, based on the stat weights provided by This allows you, for any given spec, to compare two items to see which one is 'better' for your character. Currently these stats make no adjustments for reforging or sockets, so you'l need to make those comparisons yourself, although it's possibly that we can automate this in the future.